Friday, February 12, 2016

Anybody and Swank Event!

Hello Readers!
The AnyBody Event started and WoW skins has some awesome new skins there! The beautiful Nina 2016 comes in 6 great skin tones, ranging from a very light milk to a dark caffe colour. Appliers and a DEMO for these skins are available too. Below you can see how lovely Nina 2016 is, a beautiful skin with a soft blush, soft eye brows and a beautiful shaped mouth.
REMEMBER I am wearing extra freckle tattoos with the skins. The freckles are NOT included! You can find them on Marketplace by Glamorize for 5 L$.
The lovely hair is Angelique (rainbow pack - red version) by Like Design.
And the Swank Event started too. WoW skins has another great new release there which I blogged before HERE. Just showing you the Darktan version of this lovely Victoria skin below because I am wearing that skin with the gifts below. This skin is a new release, so NOT free!
And that is not the only thing you can find at the Swank Event! Lots of designers offer a gift there for which you sometimes need to be in the Swank Event group (it is free to join). CST for example is offering this fun Valentine outfit, a lovely jacket with hearts, sexy jeans and matching booties, at the Swank Event as a gift. LOVE the little hearts details on the jacket and the boots.
The lovely hair is by Like Designs and it is a new release. It is called Blaze and I am wearing the Rainbow version - red. Each hair colour comes in 10 tones, so you can adjust your hair to darker or lighter.
And Tentation is offering these lovely Paige dresses with a colour change HUD at the Swank Event as a free gift.
Indulge Temptation has a gift for you all too at the Swank Event, these DIVA diamonds come with a colour change HUD. I am showing you a few options below.
The next gift at the Swank Event is by Hawkers House and you get these great skirted leggings including the top and the clogs.
And Prey has this great boho style dress as a gift at the Swank Event. Even the shoes I am wearing below are a gift at Swank Event, they are by Allure.
The last gifts from the Swank Event for today are this beautiful Swan dress by Ravens Blade and the awesome Miele booties by Bryne boutique. They are both free and to die for!