Thursday, February 11, 2016

Just wanting SPRING to start?

Good morning Readers!
In Second Life it just doesn't matter which season you are experiencing in real life, you can have summer in winter, or spring in fall....You can wear a ball gown or summer shorts, sandals or wellies, and just adjust the weather. How great is that?
But today I am longing for Spring in real life and I am tired of the rainy days we had the last weeks.
But let me start with a reality check I said we had plenty rain in the Netherlands. And I took the pictures of the great offers LX Essentials has at the #123 round of the Designer Circle on the beach, while it was raining....
LX Essentials is offering these very wearable Simply tops in packs of 2 at the Designer Circle and there are 3 packs to chose from. Each pack is 100 L$.
The skin I am wearing is one of the lovely Susse 2016 skins by WoW skins. I already loved the previous Susse skins, and the 2016 version is just as lovely and sweet as the previous one. Susse 2016 comes in 6 great skin tones and each one is just 199 L$. There is a DEMO available at the Designer Circle and appliers can be found in the WoW skins main store. I am wearing the Darktan version.
The lovely hair is Kizzy by Truth hair and this hair is their new subscribo gift (you can also find it in their main store on the wall, buy for 0 L$). You get many colour change HUDS with this hair so your favorite will be amongst them.

The cute shoes are by Allure and they are a gift at the SWANK event.
The sexy jeans are by JK Style and they were on offer at the Designer Circle a long time ago. However JK Style has a little outlet store at The Wash and they have several offers of 10 L$ (but not with jeans) and offers with jeans for about 50 L$ with tops and colour change HUD.
Then I went to Maica Fashion. They have 10 lucky chairs all filled with sweet little spring dresses and 2 Midnight Madness boards and you do not need a group to click them.
Below are the cute dresses I won ....totally free, it just takes a bit of your time. Hint: TP your friends over if their letter comes up!
I am wearing great wedges for Slink High feet which you can find on the Midnight Mania boards at NoName. There is no group needed and the wedges come with a colour change HUD to change every part of the shoes.
The lovely hair is a new release by Like Design and it is called Blaze hair. I am wearing the Rainbow pack - red, but there are many colours to chose from. Each pack comes with 10 hair tones.

The skin I am wearing is by WoW skins and it is Delia 2016 Darktan. You can find her in the WoW skins main store.