Thursday, February 25, 2016

Free shoes always make me happy :)

Morning Readers!
There are a lot of things that make me happy. Hair for example, new hair in SL makes me happy especially when it is free. Or jewelry, new skin, a gorgeous outfit. But there is one thing that ALWAYS make me happy: new shoes especially when they are free. Well I found a few for you!
But first the #124 round of the Designer Circle. This round runs till March 5th so there are a few days left to go grab the bargains you can find there!
I got the newest WoW skin there, called Irene 2016. This lovely skin comes in 6 perfect skin tones, ranging from a dark caffe to a light milk tone. Each skin tone is just 199 L$ at the Designer Circle. Omega head/body appliers are available at the WoW skins main store.
The lovely hair is called Kiki and it is by Elikatira . This hair is a free gift at the Shiny Shabby Anniversary event. You get many colours of this hair.
And the great jump suit is called Sandra and it is by Awear. You can find this sexy jump suit in many colours at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ including the HUD that changes the suit into many textures.
The beautiful lipstick layers are also by Awear and they are called Karalee. They are just 99 L$ and appliers for Genesis and Lelutka heads are included.
The elegant black bow shoes for SLINK high feet are also included, but I am wearing shoes from the Lucky boards at Like Design with the outfits. You will need to be in their group to click these boards, but the group is free to join.
The elegant poses on the top 2 pictures are also available at the Designer Circle. They are by Frozen and they are called In Move poses.

You could decide to wear some jewelry with the lovely jump suits above. The beautiful Dazzling Dangling necklaces by Indulge Temptation would go perfect with the V-neck! These necklaces come in 6 versions and they all come with a colour change HUD to change the metal in 2 parts (or all metal the same colour) and you can change the gems too. Which means you can adjust this set to all your outfits! Each set is just 150 L$ and you can find them at the Designer Circle. Just showing you a few options below.
Or you can go for the fun Flower ear cuffs by CNZ. They are on offer at the Designer Circle for just 149 L$ including a developer kit for tattoos . These cuffs are colour change, you can change the colour of the rings (not the flowers) and you can change the inner ear tattoo.
Then I just fell for the great outfits MOoH has on offer at the Designer Circle. These great outfits in soft colours are called Alexis and there is a choice of 5 beautiful textures. Each one is 99 L$ and they are just too good to miss!
I am wearing that lovely Alexis outfit by MOoH while trying out the Hearts with poses by Icons of Style. These hearts come in several colours and they have a lot of poses inside. Just showing you a few options below! The Hearts with Poses are 90 L$ at the Designer Circle.
The shoes by Essenz called Congo are a gift at the Shiny Shabby Anniversary event. You can find many gifts there and there is no group needed. I just thought they would go great with the pink outfit above!
Or you can go for the cute Sarah Mary Janes with (or without) socks by , which you can also find on the Shiny Shabby Anniversary event.
I am wearing the Congo shoes with some more gifts you can find at the Shiny Shabby Anniversary event. These cute Boyfriend jeans are the gift by CoCo there. And the sexy dotted Manon bra comes with panties and it is the gift by Dead Dollz.
The fun necklace is also a gift and this one is by Bamse Clock Tower. It is called Peace and Love necklace.
Makes me feel like the girl next door.
And this elegant Serendipity dress is the gift by Storybook at the Shiny Shabby Anniversary event.
I found some more shoes at the Shiny Shabby Anniversary event. These ones are by R.icielli. They are called Eira shoes.
And these ones are by Azoury and they are called Sugar White.
These cute slippers are by ChiChica and they are called Bonnie slippers.

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