Monday, February 1, 2016

Bad news and good news

Hi readers!
I am trying to get not too philosophical but sometimes life brings you good news, like that your cancer seems to have gone. And sometimes life brings you bad news, like the complication you have been fighting is back again.
I am trying to let the good news prevail and I am trying to think: I will master this complication again, I did it before, I can surely do it again.
So if my blog isn't published every day you will know why. I hope you will still follow Go Dutch though!
Anyway: today there is a blog and you will find some awesome offers by the Designer Circle on my blog. Their current round runs till February 6th so there is still time to go grab the awesome offers!
And a great free dress for SLF&O members (this SLF&O group is free to join) at NeverMore.
But let me start with the elegant Shayla skin Pelle has on offer at the Designer Circle. This skin comes with a huge pack of make up, eye shadows and lipsticks for just 199 L$. Appliers for Maitreya and for Slink hands & feet are included.
REMEMBER: I am wearing freckle layers by Glamorize with all skins. These freckles are NOT included in the skin. You can buy them on Marketplace for 5 L$ for 4 freckle layers.
The hair I am wearing is by Pelle too and it is called Stella. Stella comes in several lovely hair tones and each pack is 125 L$. I am wearing the red version below. You can find this hair at the Designer Circle.
Below are more versions of the Pelle Stella hair which is sold at the Designer Circle. Just showing a few options.
With this skin I am wearing excellent tattoos by DitaCouture. You can find these tattoos at the Designer Circle too. These tattoos work with all mesh bodies (appliers are included) and there are 3 versions of this Indian Jewel tattoo included. For just 85 L$ this lovely tattoo is yours!
The cute tops I am wearing below are by MissNoise and they are on offer at the Designer Circle in 3 versions for just 99 L$ per top.
The next dress is by Pink Cherry and you can find this awesome retro pencil dress in 5 versions at the Designer Circle. They are just 149 L$ each and they look sooo sexy !!!
The lovely jewelry is by Lazuri and it is the Halle set (which is completely colour change, so you can adjust it to all your outfits!).
Over to MOoH. I already posted their pants from the Chloe outfits MOoH offers at the Designer Circle a few days ago, but here are the complete Chloe outfits!
These lovely sets come with a top and pants and they are just 99 L$ each! Can you resist to look this awesome for such a low price?
The lovely shoes are by GraffitiWear and they are included with their Vest and skirt outfits, which you can find at the Designer Circle for 125 L$ each. There are 4 versions to chose from and the shoes are for Slink high feet.
The skin I am wearing with the next outfits is by WoW skins and this skin is called Delia (I am wearing the Darktan version with cleavage option).This beauty is called Delia 2016 and you can find this awesome skin in 6 skin tones on the Bombshell event which runs till February 5th. Delia 2016 is an elegant sophisticated skin and all appliers you might need are sold separate. The skins are not free and they are an exclusive for this event.
The lovely hair is Tadla by Like Design. This hair comes in many colours, I am using the Rainbow pack. Each colour pack has 10 hair tones inside. (NOT free).
The jewelry is by Lazuri and it is their Renata set which is a new release.

The last outfit for today is by Nevermore. It is their gift for the SLF&O group and this group is free to join (look above for a link to the group). There are many more SLF&O gifts at Nevermore and I will blog them soon ALL. Wear your SLF&O group tag and TOUCH the little box on the vendor marked with SLF&O Gift. (do not BUY)
The skin I am wearing is the Julya Pineapple skin by 7 Deadly S[k]ins. You can find this beautiful skin at the Mesh Body Addict fair and she comes in all lovely skin tones!
The lovely sexy hair I am wearing today is totally free. It is by Little Bones and it is called Scope. You get all colours you can think of in HUDS. You can find this gift on Marketplace.