Monday, February 8, 2016

Swank your Enticing skins!

Morning Readers!
Yesterday I ate something that didn't agree with me, hence I could not make a blog. But today it's much here is a new blog for you all.
So what can you find on my blog today? First of all the SWANK event started and there are many great gifts to find there. And WoW skins has a beautiful new skin there: Victoria 2016.
And Entice had great offers for the weekend (don't worry, they are still available at the store) but due to me being ill yesterday I am blogging the weekend offers a bit late.
Let me start with the SWANK Event. This beautiful Victoria 2016 skin is the special offer WoW skins has at this event. Victoria 2016 comes in 6 great skin tones, ranging from a very light Milk to a dark Caffe tone. Omega Head/Body appliers are sold separate. This skin is so enticing, a lovely soft glow makes it stand out!
REMEMBER I am wearing extra freckle tattoos with the skins. The freckles are NOT included! You can find them on Marketplace by Glamorize for 5 L$.
The lovely hair is by Like Designs and it is a new release. It is called Blaze and I am wearing the Rainbow version - red. Each hair colour comes in 10 tones, so you can adjust your hair to darker or lighter.
At the Swank Event you can find many gifts, amongst them is this lipstick by Rapture. For some gifts you will need the FREE to join Swank group.
And this sweet mask, which also comes in black is the gift by CAL at the Swank Event.
Then I went to Entice to grab their great RunAway boots and outfits. They are perfect for cold winter days and best of all is that they are the Entice Weekend offer. The RunAway outfits come in a darks and an earth tone version and with each version you get a colour change HUD which changes the outfits into 3 great colours. 3 colours of jeans are included, so are appliers for these jeans.
The cute warm RunAway boots also come in the 2 version darks and earth tones and with the boots again a colour change HUD is included. Now...the best thing: each set, boots or outfit is just 60 l$!!!
Saturday I blogged the great wedges for Slink High feet which you can find on the Midnight Mania boards at NoName. There is no group needed and the wedges come with a colour change HUD to change every part of the shoes.
And Nevermore has many gifts for SLF&O members (joining the SLF&O group is free). On the vendors on the wall with gifts you will see a small box. Just wear the SLF&O group tag, click the box and chose TOUCH (do not BUY).
And this cute sleek Poppy floral dress is one of those gifts.
ATTENTION: These gifts WERE free for SLF&O members. However it wasn't the designers intention to give them away, they should have been a special offer for SLF&O members. They are now priced at about 60 L$ each.
Another gift for SLF&O members at Nevermore is this sexy Strappy Camisole dress.