Saturday, February 27, 2016

Free jewelry which goes great with these cute dresses and elegant gowns!

Hello Readers! Happy Saturday!
Today on my blog some more offers from the #124 round of the Designer Circle. This round runs till March 5th so keep that date in mind if you want to get one or more of the bargains you can find there!
I also got more gifts you can find at the Shiny Shabby Anniversary Event, mainly jewelry which will go great with the dresses and gowns I found at the Designer Circle.
These lovely Drop Neck Midi dresses are by IAF and you can find them at the Designer Circle in 6 lovely colours for just 80 L$ each. Omega appliers are included with these dresses.
With these dresses I am wearing Bullet earrings by Codex, which you can find at the Designer Circle too. They come with a colour change HUD which changes each part of the earrings separate into silver, gold or copper. Just 199 L$ for these striking earrings.
The poses I am using with the black IAF dress are by Joplino and you can find these lovely Valentine poses including the props at the Designer Circle for just 65 L$.
I am wearing shoes from the Lucky boards at Like Design with the outfits. You will need to be in their group to click these boards, but the group is free to join. These gifts on the lucky boards will change every month, so you might find other shoes there in the next days.
I got the newest WoW skin at the Designer Circle, called Irene 2016. This lovely skin comes in 6 perfect skin tones, ranging from a dark caffe to a light milk tone. Each skin tone is just 199 L$ at the Designer Circle. Omega head/body appliers are included.
The lovely hair is called Kiki and it is by Elikatira . This hair is a free gift at the Shiny Shabby Anniversary event. You get many colours of this hair.

Over to some more sexy dresses, and these ones are by Posh Pixels. These lovely Gold Dust gowns come in no less than 10 colours (appliers are included) and they are just 175 L$. You can find them at the Designer Circle.
The beautiful Dazzling Dangling necklaces by Indulge Temptation would go perfect with the V-neck! These necklaces come in 6 versions and they all come with a colour change HUD to change the metal in 2 parts (or all metal the same colour) and you can change the gems too. Which means you can adjust this set to all your outfits! Each set is just 150 L$ and you can find them at the Designer Circle.
Posh Pixels also has a more than gorgeous purple gown on offer at the Designer Circle. This beautiful Cennie gown has many details and the colour is just royal. For 200 L$ it is yours.
Well you can't run around in a gown all day. Oh Second life you can! But sometimes you just want to look just plain but still fun. How about getting one of these Sweater and Shorts outfits by Smesh? You can find them at the Designer Circle in 3 versions for 130 L$ each.
Or if you like flirty sweet dresses just as much as I love them go grab that beautiful Victoria dress zOOm is offering at the Designer Circle. It is yours for 169 L$.
Then I went back to the Shiny Shabby Anniversary event to find some more gifts. Mainly with jewelry, which will go great with the dresses and gowns above!
You can for example go for this great Shabby Ring by Caboodle (remember, all I blog from this event are GIFTS, no group needed).
Or you can find these awesome bracelets at the Shiny Shabby Anniversary event which are by RAMA (could not find an inworld LM, so this is their Marketplace store). You get a fat pack of these lovely Half Moon bracelets. Just showing you a few options below.
Or get these awesome bracelets by Kunglers, they are perfect with every outfit.
And with the gowns you can of course wear these beautiful head jewels by ieQED. These Jelly Bean head chains come with a HUD which changes the jewels into 8 great colours.