Thursday, February 18, 2016

These dresses and shoes are sooo Enticing!

Hi Readers!
Today on my blog just clothes from ONE store. Entice has several not to miss offers, cute dresses and shoes and also free gifts.
For the skin and hair you ave to go to other stores, but for the clothes you just can go to Entice.
Let me start with the new gift for SLF&O members Entice has at their store. This lovely Sultans of Swing dress is free if you join the SLF&O group (free to join) and it includes a colour change HUD to change the top, skirt and belt of this dress into 3 different tones.
Let me start by telling you all that I am wearing the Amour skin in darktan by WoW skins today on my blog. It is their February group gift and the enrolment fee for the WoW skins group is 350 L$. However there is a box with about 38 previous group gifts available.
And the lovely hair is Tadla by Like Design. I am wearing the red version from the Rainbow pack (you get 10 hair tones in each pack).
The lovely jewelry is a free gift at Lazuri. It ius the green version of their Renata set.
Then Entice changed their Lucky Board gift and they put this great polka dotted Lucille dress inside the boards. No group needed for these boards (there are 6 LB at the store). So the dress is free, you just need to stalk those boards for a while.
The cute shoes are by Like Design and they are called Sandy. They come with a colour change HUD which changes each part of the shoe, so you can go really wild, or just use one colour like I did today.
And now over to the Right here Waiting offers by Entice. They are actually Wednesday and Thursday offers but they are still available at the store. These outfits come in 4 versions, Darks, lights, dots and crochet. Each pack of these outfits is 99 L$ and you get the lovely top, matching pants and a colour change HUD to change every part of the top and pants.
There are also matching Right Here Waiting booties available, each set of 3 colours is 99 L$. These shoes are for SLINK high feet.
The fun hair is Kizzy by Truth hair and this hair was send out to subscribo members. However the hair is for sale for 0 L$ at the store. You get HUDS with all hair tones.