Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Skins, nails and stuff from the Easter Market Fair

Morning Readers!
Yesterday I told you the new round of the Designer Circle runs till April 20th but I was wrong, it is till April 19th. They have some awesome offers there....nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$! I got the beautiful Riwen skins WoW skins has on offer at the Designer Circle ladies. This skin comes in 3 skin tones and appliers are also available. Each skin tone is just 99 L$ which is a steal for such a beautiful skin!
And to wear with this new skin the ZoZ nails are perfect. You can find them at the Designer Circle this round. They come in 2 different packages: a gold or a silver lined one. You need the SLINK hands (or feet) or the SLINK nail enhancer to use these nails, but they are just awesome. Just 75 L$ per nail hud (for hands & toes) and you get 12 colours per hud.
The SLINK nail enhancer is 150 L$, the hands are 2250 L$ for a fat pack or 450 L$ for a single pair of hands. Don't know about the feet, as I do not own them.
Then I went back to the Easter Market Fair. This fair runs till April 16th so you still have a few days to grab those great offers there. Agian, nothing is over 100 L$. And there is an Easter Egg hunt going on (the eggs are not really hidden and easy to find) with great gifts!
This time I found the stall by BLAHblahBlah. They have a fat pack of Paisley Eelegance dresses for 100 L$ on offer (top picture)...and they have these cute Chain Jewel dresses in 5 colours for just 30 L$ each (all pictures below the top picture)!
The lovely necklace with the Chain Jewel dresses is by Ganked, no longer available.
The lovely skin I am wearing is Sara #2, which is from the Gatcha at WoW skins (100 L$ per try).
And if you can find the easter egg at the BLAHblahBlah stall...this cute bikini is yours! (free)