Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another huge blog...

Morning Readers!
Today many items on my blog...not all totally free, but all cheap and all a lot of fun. Why that many? Well there are a lot of things going on in Second Life, like hunts, Gatcha fairs, and the Designer Circle too.
But today I am going to start with a lovely free Easter top by my friend Hannah from DMZ. It is a wearable DEMO but it is too cute to miss ladies! I am showing you also a few of her great Nanette tops, which come in all colours you can think of. 99 L$ for each top (just showing you a few options).
The lovely jewellery is the Heart to Heart set by Lazuri (NOT free).
Then I went to the Crazy April Gatcha Fair again. I just love gatchas, especially when you can get such lovely gifts. I found a lovely dress there by LUZ and it is just 75 L$. You can find it here at the Crazy April Gatcha Fair.
But that dress is not really a gatcha ladies. Why don't you hop over to the Crazy April Gatcha Fair and find the Gatchas by BLD. You can try to get one of their lovely mesh dresses which are 100 L$ per try. There are no less than 13 different ones to get. Doubles can be swapped with friends!
BLD also has matching cute booties over 32 colours!!! 75 L$ per try.
My friend Gaea form ~GL~shop is also participating in the Crazy April Gatcha fair ladies. She has these fun tops there and each try is 50 L$ and there are 8 different tops ti win.
Then I went to the Designer Circle for the last time this round. The current round ends on April 19th, so you just have a few days left to grab the great offers there! Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ ladies! And what did I get there?
Well first of all I got this lovely outfit by Amarelo Manga at the Designer Circle. Each part of this outfit, romper, sun glasses, clutch and jewellery is 100 L$ so it does not come cheap to wear this look...but you have to admit: it looks great!!
And these cute outfits are also on offer at the Designer Circle. This Menace dress is by WickedNight and it comes in 4 great colours. 99 L$ per dress ladies, but you will look soooooooooooooooooooo sexy (look at the back...the string I am wearing is NOT included....)
My last find at the Designer Circle is by RD style. They have a lovely dress on offer at the Designer Circle, including awesome shoes. The dress comes in 2 colours and it is 100 L$  including the shoes. But I am blogging the lovely Ingrid outfits which you can find at the Designer Circle in 2 different colours. The cute booties are included. Each Ingrid set is also 100 L$.