Sunday, April 6, 2014

It's all about the shoes

Hi Readers,
A few days ago I blogged quite a lot of free shoes. and to my surprise I found even more free shoes! I also found a great gift in the Great Pyramid hunt. There is a HINT PAGE available. I landed at A.R.C.+F.N. and I found their lirrle golden pyramid (which is the hunt item in this hunt) and I got this great Egyptian outfit which comes with several tops and lovely jewellery.
Now what has this to do with shoes? Nothing. But I had to blog this great gift first before I am getting to the shoes  :)
Let me start with Baby Monkey. This weekend their group is free to join! They have many great group gifts and Lucky chairs, so it is worth to join ladies!!! But even if you won't join: they have a HUGE box with shoes and boots for just 10 L$. There are so many pairs of shoes and boots inside that I won't even try to blog them here. The shoes are all going to be retired, so grab them before they are gone!

Then I got the great group gifts by ChOoOz. Joining their group is free and they send them out in their subscribo.
In my inventory I found a lot of shoes I forgot I found on Marketplace. These cute denim sneakers are by Asylum and they are totally free.
And these booties are by FLG and they are also free!
Another pair of free booties are these lovely blue ones by Pulse. They are called Milania and they are just great with jeans!
I also found some great sandals by Diana DeBrevec. However I could not get the hud to work that has to change my skin tone. Maybe it was SL, maybe the hud is not working...but the shoes are great.
Then I found a pair of great Rainbow shoes! They are by LLD and they are free and so much fun to wear! And free of course.
Over to flats...we don't want to run around in heels all the time do we? These cute flats are by Roly Poly and they are free.
I also found a pair of very cute Easter Bunny flats and they are by Crazy Pastry and
I could not resist to get these bunny slippers...they are just too cute! You get 2 pairs and you have to pay nothing!
Talking about Easter: The Easter Market fair runs till April 16th and there are many great offers to find. Nothing is over 100 L$. And there is an Easter Egg hunt going on on the market with great gifts!
But today I went for the lovely shoes that ManiacQuintessa has on offer at the fair. Each pair is 100 L$.
And while I was at the Easter Market fair, I also grabbed the fun Easter Antlers by Candy Crunchers. They are 100 L$.
And the Gatcha at the Easter Market Fair by Candy Crunchers is 50 L$ per try. You either win a lovely bunny necklace (comes in many great colours) or if you are very Lucky you wint those rare Easter bunny ears in gold or silver!