Friday, April 4, 2014

Last day....

Hi readers,
I kept saying that the current round of the Designer Circle runs till April 8th...but it is till April 5th!! So today is the last day you can grab those awesome offers there and I have to show you a few more. These great Hopless Romantic dresses are on offer at the Designer Circle for just 95 L$ each. The dress comes in 6 colours and all appliers are included. If you like them, don't wait, hop over and go get them!! And who is offering them? 1 Hundred.
The lovely skin I am wearing is by WoW skins. It is Sara #2 from their Gatcha machine. 100 L$ per try ladies!
Another great offer are the fun dresses by RD Style. The dresses come with the shoes and socks and they are 100 L$ each. There are 3 colours to chose from and you can find them at the Designer Circle till TOMORROW!
The lovely bangles and earrings are also on offer at the Designer Circle and they are by Baubles by Phe. 100 L$ for the bangles and 100 L$ for the earrings in 3 colours.
Over to A.R.C + F.N. They are participating in the Every Girl is a Flower hunt and you can find all info about this hunt HERE. If you can find a long stem pink rose at the store this lovely summer outfit including the shoes and earrings is yours!
Then I got the lovely new group gifts by Chop Zuey...a beautiful necklace which you can wear in 2 styles called Paz Eterna. There is a matching bracelet too. These 2 are for group members, and joining is 350 L$. However the earrings are for free.
ChiChickie has a new release called Annan hair. If you are on their subscribo list, like I am, you will get the walnut version of this hair for free! If not: if you are fast you can grab a fat pack of this hair for just 95 L$. Chiana offers each new release for a few days for a bottom price!
Then I went to the Easter Market Fair. They have so many great offers there and I went for the ones by J&A Rock Culture. They have a GATCHA machine where you can try your luck for just 50 L$ per try. And you can win a lovely Easter Bunny necklace there, which is the rare item, or necklaces with a musical note on them.
I am wearing the necklace with a note with the lovely purple blouse that J&A Rock Culture has on offer for 70 L$ at the Easter Market.
J&A Rock Culture also has a great MALE outfit on offer for just 100 L$ at the Easter Fair.
And while you are at their stall, find their HUNT easter egg and get this great BAG for free!