Monday, April 7, 2014

I am soooo into bunnies...

Hi there Readers!
With Easter coming up I get more and more bunny items to blog...and I am sooo into bunnies. Especially when they are sexy bunnies like the ones Ashmoot has on the Easter Market Fair. But let me start with the newest round at the Designer Circle. This round runs till April 20th and you can find such great bargains at the Designer Circle. I found this cute Astrid dress by JK style at the Designer Circle and comes with a colour change hud, which changes the colour into no less than 6 colours! Just 60 L$ for this dress! The dress comes with a cute bag and a silver bracelet.
The Black & white earrings and bracelets are on offer at the Designer Circle by Baubles by Phe. They are called Dynamic Feather Earrings (85 l$) and the bangles are called White Tiger Claw bangles (100 L$).
I am wearing the newest skin by WoW skins with this dress and that skin is called Riwen. You can find 3 skin tones of this skin at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$. All appliers are also on offer at the Designer Circle for 99 L$ each. I am wearing the Darktan version with cleavage option.
And the lovely poses are by Icons of Style. They are called Valeria and you get 5 poses and 5 mirrored ones at the Designer Circle for just 55 L$.
The cute bare feet are from the huge shoe pack Baby Monkey has on offer at their store. You get a  huge pack with fat packs of shoes and boots (and bare feet) which are going to be retired soon, for just 10 L$. Dont'miss out on this great offer ladies!! From the landing point go up the stairs and then to the right. You will see the huge box.
Over to the Easter Market Fair. This fair runs till April 16th so you still have a few days to get those great offers there! There is also an Easter Egg hunt going on, and in each Easter egg you will find a great gift!!
I went to the stall by Ashmoot and I got this very cute bunny outfit there! I just love it! Hugh Heffner, here I come! Just 99 L$ for this cute outfit including ears and tail and shoes.
Ashmoot also has these cute sexy bunny outfits for just 49 L$. You get 2 colours and you wioll look sooo  sexy on Easter wearing these outfits. At the Easter Market Fair ladies is where you get them.
The cute bare feet are from the Mesh Project and you can find HERE how to get them (it is quite complicated, but you get 3 versions of the feet and one version of MESH hands for free).
And these tops are also on offer by Ashmoot at the Easter Market Fair. Each lovely sweater is just 69 L$.
Last find at the Ashmoot stall at the Easter Market fair is this very cute dress in satin with satin borders. The dress is called Dolly Ruffles dress and the shoes are included. You have to pay 99 L$ for dress and shoes ladies!!
Over to LavandeChic at the Easter Market Fair. If you can find their Easter egg from the hunt, you will get this very elegant dress for free ladies! The eggs are not really hidden, so they are easy to find!
And my last finds for today are also from the Easter Market fair. This time I was at the stall by Persefona. They have these cute Gatchas at their stall and each try is 30 L$. You can either get a lovely Rita flower head band or you can get a lovely pearl necklace....The Easter hunt egg contains a set of 3 lovely Bunny ears!