Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hi there Readers!
Today I have a lot to blog and I hope you like what youw ill see today!
Let me start with the 100 Block. It is a great fair and there is so much to, shopping, art...and WoW skins is participating in this event. They have two lovely new releases there, Iris and Nawra. I am shoing you the lovely Iris skin today, which comes in 4 skin tones. Each skin tone has 5 make up versions and one natural make up. You can find WoW skins here on the 100 BLOCK. The fair runs till April 30st and please use a LOW SCRIPT avatar or you will be booted (happened to me.....). Low script means: NO shoes, NO scripted hair (onkly a hair base) NO AO (do not turn it off, take it off!) NO jewellery, NO weapons, NO scripted clothes.
Over to the Designer Circle. Their current round runs till April 19th and I found a few great offers there! First of all the skin I am wearing, which is on offer at the Designer Circle by WoW skins. The skin is called Riwen and it comes in3 skin tones. All appliers are also available. Each skin tone and each applier is 99 L$.
Then the dresses I am wearing below. They are by Mu-shi Doll and they are called Lorealy dress. They come in 3 great colours and they are 95 L$ per dress at the Designer Circle.
The lovely earrings and bangles that are on offer by Baubles by Phe at the Designer Circle will go great with the dresses above ladies! The earrings are called Dynamic feather Earrings and they are 85 L$ and the bangles are called White Tigerclaw bangles and they are 100 L$.
The beautiful nails are on offer by ZOZ nails at the Designer Circle. They come in 2 versions and you need SLINK hands  or SLINK feet or the SLINK nail enhancer to use them, but you get 12 lovely colours for just 75 L$.
I then went to Prism as they have a new group gift out. Joining the group is free and they have a lot of older gifts available too. I am showing you the ones from the past months below.
All the lovely shoes I am wearing below are by Baby Monkey from their huge fat pack of shoes that are going to be retired soon! The pack is just 10 L$ and you get soooo many shoes and boots, you won't believe it! From the landing point go up the stairs and to the right to find the shoes.
Prism also has Easter eggs that pop up from time to time and if your letter is on the egg you get a  lovely price. I got this cute dress below from one of the eggs!