Saturday, April 12, 2014

From formal to casual

Morning Readers and happy weekend to you!
Today you will find gorgeous gowns on my blog, but also cute casual wear! It's just a mix of everything. But hey...sometimes we go casual, sometimes we go in style.
So let me start with the newest 60 L$ offers at Sascha's Designs. Each Friday the 60 L$ offers change and this week you can go for the sexy (mesh) Atlanta dress in champagne, or you can get a lovely gown called Yura in aqua for just 60 L$ or you can get that fun pants & top set which is called Sissy purple. Each just 60 L$ ladies.
I am wearing a lovely hair bow with the Yura gown and this bow is by Sheik Bags. The pin goes great with the gown. Sheik Bags is a new store ladies and their prices are really affordable! They also have 3 Lucky chairs and a MM board too.
I also am wearing cute flip flops with the Sissy outfit above, which are also by Sheik Bags. The black flip flops are 10 L$, all other pairs are 25 L$. The MESH feet are from the Mesh Project. They are free and there are also free (mesh) hands available.
How to get to the free hands and feet:
Take a tp to HERE 
and get 2 free huds- a shopping hud and a style hud.
Wear them both, you will ned them both.
Then TP to the MESH PROJECT, the TP is on the wall in the white room.
When you are at the MESH PROJECT you will find the hands and feet on the wall.
Make sure to wear BOTH huds.
Then make sure you get all 3 styles for the feet, one for the hands and free yellow shoes too.

To change the hands & feet: use the STYLE hud to change the skin tone, the style and the size.
Over to Marketplace. Just in time before Easter I found a very cute Easter dress by Reborn Design. The lovely earrings are by Amorous and they are free and the fun bangles are Cazimi. They are actually Christmas bangles, but they go great with this dress! 1 L$ for the bangles ladies!
And this cute dress is perfect when we have a colder spring day. It is a wearable demo by ShuShu and it is called Winter Fit and it is free. ShuShu also has some awesome matching boots with this outfit. They are called Animal Flair and they are also a wearable demo (free). The lovely necklace I am wearing with this outfit is by Fire Roses and it is called Eve. 1 L$ for this necklace.
Over to my last find: a lovely gown by CW store. The gown is called Nina Gold box and it is an awesome gown, perfect fro Easter! The gown is 1 L$. I am wearing a lovely jewellery set by Cazimi with this gown and this set is called Innara and it is 1 L$.