Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Shoe MANIA!!!

Morning Readers!
Today a totally free blog, finally. And on top of that: with one of my weaknesses: SHOES ! And a LOT of them. And all free! Oh I hear you shout: START ALREADY!
Ok ok....first the person who made me blog these shoes: Yazso. She told me about the group gifts at Yasum (all shoes and boots) and she also told me the group is free to join! So here goes, group gifts by Yasum (I am showing you not ALL, there are plenty more). Thanks Yazso!!
(NOTE: if you land downstairs, take the TP in the corner to go upstairs where the group gifts are).
Then I looked if I could find some more shoes for free and where better to look than on Marketplace?
These shoes are by Daisy and there are 2 packs you can find on Marketplace: a DARK pack and a LIGHT pack. The shoes come with a HUD to change the colour into 8 lovely tones.
Then I found these awesome booties by DUH and they are also totally free!
DUH has some more great free shoes on Martketplace, like these brown Dolly shoes!
I wanted to find some summer shoes too and YAY I found some awesome espadrilles for free! They are by DUH and they are 1 L$, which is almost free.
DUH also hese great MALE deck shoes for free. They are modify by clicking, so you can shrink them to a female size too.
Some more awesome deck shoes ...well I love the ones by Plausible Bodies. You get a fat pack with many colours and with white or leather laces...for free.
And these cute sneakers are by Ripe Berry and yes...free...
Over to ShuShu. They have a lot of wearable Demo shoes, like these colourful booties. Perfect for summer...
Or you can get their over knee wearable demo...which are great boots in a lovely shiny material! Also by ShuShu.
My next find are elegant classic yellow pumps by Enkythings. One of the first shoe shops I went to...way back when I was new. They are on Marketplace for free and they are perfect for Easter! You can also find them in green for free.
Another pair of great spring shoes are the OBD Easter Daffodil shoes which are also free.