Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Designer Circle #60 and the Join the Picnic hunt

Hello readers,
Today a not so free blog, as I went to the Designer Circle again. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$, and a lot of great Second Life designers offer one or more of their designs there for a bottom price. A great way to fill your inventory with some awesome design for almost nothing.
Let me show you my first find at the Designer Circle, this fun dress by Kanou. This dress is called Misty and you can find it at the Designer Circle for 80 L$ including Tango appliers.
I just love the WoW skins and especially this Debbie skin is lovely. It is available at the Designer Circle in MILK or in TAN and you get a cleavage option or a less cleavage option for 99 L$ each. The lovely jewellery is the All Glam Diamonds set by Lazuri (not free).
My next find are these cute Wedges by PURE Perfection. They are called Melissa and you can find them at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ which is not much for such detailed and well made shoes. They go perfectly with the dress by Kanou above or with the lovely by Wertina dress below.
This elegant dress is by Wertina and it is called Cynthia dress and you can find it at the Designer Circle for 90 L$ and it is also available in black. It is a sexy mesh dress, very form fitting and very sexy. The jewellery is the All Glam Diamonds set by Lazuri (not free). This set is colour change by touch and you can adjust the metal, the main gems, the pendant or the secondary gems.
 The next gown is by GraffitiWear and it is called Black & Gold Garden Party gown. It is such a lovely gown and it is yours for just 95 L$ at the Designer Circle.
GraffitiWear also has a very sexy leather belted dress at the Designer Circle.  It is just a great summer dress. Shows a lot of skin though...You have to pay 95 L$for this dress to wear it.
The next dresses are by Abia Capalini and they are just so elegant! I love the top & skirt look, I love the colours. The lovely shoes are included! You can grab it at the Designer Circle for just And the jewellery is the All Glam Diamonds set by Lazuri (not free). 
I had so much fun wearing these dresses trying out the poses by Co*motion. These poses are available at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ each.
 Over to Sassy. They have this great Grace set at the Designer Circle for 95 L$. An elegant outfit for the office, for an afternoon shopping or just for a dinner with friends. The elegant bag is called Metro Bag (90 L$) and it is by Things I like. Both, the outfit and the bag are available at the Designer Circle.
The last find at the Designer Circle are these platform shoes by HollyHood. You can choose the black ones or the purple ones. They are on offer for 99 L$ per pair.
Then I did the Join the Picnic Hunt. It is a fun hunt with many picnic blankets, picnic tables, picnic BBQs...but also with a lot of clothes and other fun stuff to wear! You can find a HINT & LINK page HERE. You are looking for a picnic basket.
And if you can find that basket at Lindy shoes you get these great red Mary Jane shoes as a gift.
Or if you go to Ciel Skye and you can locate that picnic basket this fun romper is yours :) The lovely jewellery is the Tres Chic set by Lazuri (not free).