Friday, August 23, 2013

Instant Surgery

Morning readers!
I just imagine that you get up, get a coffee (or a tea, or milk) and put your PC on, and on your screen appears my blog. OK I am vain I know....but it's just like that in my mind. And today I see how you are puzzled with the title of my blog. Well let me explain. I went to the Designer Circle again. It's just one of my favourite spots to shop as nothing there is over 100 L$ and it is all great design!

And I found these cute dresses by Pure there! I liked them instantly and hurried back to my photo studio to try them on...expecting they would have Tango appliers included. But no...they don't...they are just shaped like that...(look below) The dresses are called Busty dress and they are each 100 L$ at the Designer Circle. Saves you money need to buy those Lolas...but think of the face of your partner when you take the dress off!
The lovely jewellery set is by Zuri Jewellery and it is also available at the Designer Circle for 99 L$.
Then I just fell for this sexy dress by Sassy, which is also available at the Designer Circle. I especially love the back! This dress is 95 L$. The jewellery is the All Glam Diamonds set by Lazuri, which is not free. But you can change the stones and the metal by clicking it, so you can adjust it to every outfit you wear!
And my next find at the Designer Circle is this great top by [[Masoom]]. It is great to wear with your favourite jeans or with a pair of elegant (mesh) pants. It is on offer at the Designer Circle for 55 L$ per colour and there are 4 colours available.
Over to another great top, which I found in the Dare2Bare hunt. This hunt runs till August 31st and you are looking for a blue or purple #2 in this hunt. The HINT & LINK page is very helpful if you want to skip a store. Or if you can't find the #2.
I found this cute top inside the #2 at CJB and this top comes with a hud so you can change the texture! I am just showing you a few options, but there are many more!
The lovely hair is from the Gatcha machines at Clawtooth (75 L$ per try).
Then I found another top, this time inside the #2 at Decadent. I just love the print, made me smile.
And this cute top is the hunt gift by Blonde&Blonde. If you like that top too, just find that #2 at their store ladies.
And then I went to D&G Fashion and found the #2 there too! Inside is this sexy little dress....if you dare to wear it!
D&G Fashion also has a Midnight Mania board and several lucky chairs and this is what I got from those.
Over to my last find for today, this sexy set is the hunt gift at Pink Sugah. The slip is open at the front, the leaves are not included :) A very sexy set. The hair is also a gift in the Dare2Bare hunt, and you can find it inside the #2 at Calico Ingmann Creations.