Sunday, August 18, 2013

Some skins, some dresses and some bare feet.

Happy Sunday readers!
First of all: thank you to all of those who send me a note, a message or wrote a comment on my blog here. It really did me a lot of good. I was feeling a bit (actually a lot) down after my encounter with this woman but then realised that it was just her opinion and that it said a lot more about her than about me or my blog. HUGS to you all readers, and keep reading my blog :)

Today I have a mixture of things for you. Let me start with the DIVA skins & shape by WoW skins. There is a table at the store where all skins are just 100 L$, and this Diva skin & shape is one of them. You get the pale and the tan version and several make up options. As we all know skins are extremely expensive this is really a bargain. The skins on this table are previous Lucky Boards gifts. Go have a look, if you don't like Diva: there are many others on the table.
Another great skin is this very pale one. This skin is the gift in the Dare 2 Bare hunt. This hunt runs till August 31st and you are looking for a large purple #2. There is a HINT & LINK page available which is very helpful.
This elegant pale skin is the hunt gift at PixieStix and if you can find that #2 it is yours to wear! The lovely jewellery I am wearing is by Lazuri and it is called Empress Josephine. It is not free, but the gems, pearls, metal and main stones are colour change so you can adjust it to every outfit you are wearing.
Another great skin is the gift you can find inside the #2 at Drop Dead Gorgeous. This skin is called Girl next door and I actually love it. Just go find that #2 ladies if you love it too.
I also found something else which is bare, but not a bare skin. I found a great gift in the Dare 2 Bare hunt, this cute dress including the bare feet! It is the hunt gift from the ATG hunt at Blonde & blonde. You are looking for a star, and if you can find it this dress and the feet are yours.
Then I landed at Babele Fashion and they have 2 midnight mania boards. I clicked both and this is what I got there. The shoes and earrings are included.
I just found a lot of cute dresses and outfits all over Second Life and Marketplace ladies. I will just list them below.
This first dress is a hunt gift from the Join the Picnic hunt. This hunt runs till August 31st and you are looking for a picnic basket. There is a HINT & LINK page available. And you can find this dress hidden inside the picnic basket at #88 Pink Jello. The lovely jewellery I am wearing with this dress is another hunt gift in this hunt and this one is hidden inside the basket at #34 Red Rose jewellery.
The next dress is also a hunt gift in the Join the Picnic hunt. This one is by #91 Naughty Naughty. And all you have to do is locate that picnic basket at their store and this cute dress is yours. The shoes are included.
Then I landed at Sugar & Cyanide and they are also participating in this hunt. If you find the basket at their store you will get this cute red dress as a gift ladies! Sugar & Cyanide is #94 in this hunt. The jewellery are older group gifts by Lazuri.
I also did a short walk along Marketplace ...and I found this very cute summer set by FLG. This set holds a pair of great shorts, elegant wedges and a lovely top which comes with a hud, so you can change it into 3 different textures! A great set for summer ladies! And the good news is: this set is free.

I am wearing the cute wedges from the set above with this elegant top & pants set by Liwen, which is also available on Marketplace. This set is called Lithium sky blue and it is 1 L$ .