Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

Good morning readers!
It's already Wednesday and it is almost end of August. Which means that the Dare2Bare hunt and the Join the Picnic hunt both are ending! It also means that you have little time left to go and get the great gifts in these hunts. I already blogged a lot from the Join the Picnic hunt, so let me go on with the Dare2Bare hunt. You are looking for a #2 in this hunt and there is a HINT & LINK PAGE available, which is very helpful. This hunt ends on August 31st.
I landed at U.Refined where I got this great bathing suit. It is hidden inside their #2 of this hunt. The hair is also a hunt gift, this time by Calico Ingmann Creations. You get a fat pack with all colours.
Then I went to The Little Bat. They have this really sexy lingerie hidden insid etheir #2 of this hunt. So if you are planning on seducing someone, go find that #2!
And The Little Bat also has question mark board, lucky chairs and a midnight mania board. But I got this next outfit from their lucky cupcake!! It made me smile so much!
The next outfits are by MV and this great skirt is their hunt gift hidden inside the #2. The lovely top is by Sassy, it is from their lucky chairs.
And this sexy dress is by Awear lingerie. It is their gift in the Dare2Bare hunt and if you like sexy, the only thing you have to do is find that #2 at their store! The STARS on my boobs are by Photoshop, they are NOT on the dress.
Another store participating in this hunt is Pink Sugah. They have this great set of lingerie hidden inside their #2. Again: the cute leaves on my thy area are NOT included, they are by Photoshop.
Over to some more sexy stuff. How about the hunt gift at Pretty in Pink? You get not one but two great sexy dresses to wear! one in red and one in blue. But find that #2 first!
And ModaMia also has a very sexy gift hidden inside their #2. This almost looks like a BDSM outfit...including the burn marks...
I love the name of the next store: Deathrocker Bettie Crocker. No idea what it means, I just thought it is a great name. And yes I found that #2 at their store...look what they give you of you find it too!
Then I wen to PB Designs. They have this lovely gift for you hidden inside their #2. The sexy black dress is yours if you find that #2! The other outfit is from their lucky boards. The elegant jewellery is the Eda set by Lazuri (not free).
And my next find was at Kanou. I just love this little pink dress! I styled it again with the Eda set by Lazuri. Ready to go clubbing! If you want this dress too just find that #2!
I also visited Marketplace again. And I did find a few goodies there too! How about this beautiful blouse, which was a gift from my friend Sue. Thank you Sue, it is a GREAT silk blouse and I couldn't keep it from my readers, as it is just 5 L$. The blouse is by AnytaLu. The cute jeans are by Blackburns and you get a blue and a black one for free.
The next blouse is by DEP and it looks like a boyfriend blouse. For just 1 L$ it is yours.
My last find is this beautiful gown by Shar's Gowns. This lovely gown is called Adriana and it is 1 L$. You get 2 different tops with this gown.