Thursday, August 8, 2013

Some more Designer Circle #60, a visit to a Japansese Sim and a visit to Marketplace.

Morning dear readers,
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Now what did I do today? I went back to the Designer Circle to find some more offers below 100 L$. And I found quite a few! Then I went to the Little Cat green eyes sim. There are many little Japanese stores with Midnight Mania board, lucky boards and gifts. I just picked up a few. Last thing I did today was a stroll along Marketplace to find some nice looks for free or for 1 L$.
So let me start with the Designer Circle. This 60th round runs till August 17th, so don't wait to long to pay a visit to the Designer Circle.
Today I picked up this great Animal print dress by Pink Cherry. This dress is available in black or white and it is just a stunning dress. And the price? You won't believe you can get this cute dress either in black or white for just 90 L$!
The lovely hair do is by Calico Ingmann Creations and it is called Desiree (not free).
And the jewellery I am wearing with this dress is the All Glam Diamonds set by Lazuri (not free). This set is colour change, so you can change the metal, the main stones, the pendant or each set of stones individual.
Over to another offer by Pink Cherry at the Designer Circle. They have these lovely earrings on offer in 3 great colours for 70 L$ each! Perfect to wear this summer ladies.
The next dresses are on offer at the Designer Circle by Double Divas. They are called Fleur dress and they are available in 4 great colours. The dresses are 99 L$ each.
Then I went to that Little Cat green eyes sim. Like I said before: there are many small shops with gifts or with a Midnight Mania board or a lucky board or chair. I got this lovely Karin hair from the lucky board at Muguet. Just wait till your letter shows up...
At this Muguet shop I found a LM to the main store and there I got a few great group gifts! Like this lovely lace blouse. Or the elegant white lace blouse.
Or like this beautiful Butterfly dress, which is the gift as they reached 150 group members. Joining the group is free.
Back to the Little Cat green eyes sim. Sens has a shop there too and they have 7 lucky boards. I got these cute Dungarees from one of the boards and the elegant eyeliner from another of these boards.
The top I am wearing by the Dungarees is by Jane, you get a fat pack.
The shoes are by N-Core and called Temptation. I paid 600 L$ for the fat pack (12 colours) which is very cheap for this quality. N-Core has a lot of their older shoes in fat packs on offer for just 600 L$ on MARKETPLACE.
I found some more goodies on Marketplace ladies. Like this great set by PAINT. It is called Inspired Trouble and you can get it on Marketplace for 1 L$. Are you going for that though look?
Paint has another great set on offer on Marketplace and this one is called Katzee. The great booties are included and for all of this you just have to pay 1 L$.
The next dress is called Leather Princess dress and it is by Orsini. This cute dress is free. So is the cute purse I am wearing with this dress. It is called POSH book purse and it is of course by POSH. Gives me that intellectual look don't you think? The necklace is by SaDalBari and it is is called Star (free).
My last find are these great pants called Bal Jeans by Poison. The leather jacket which I am wearing for the tough look is also by Poison, there is also a MALE version available. The necklace is by Kosh and it is called Ribbon necklace. All these items are FREE.
Ok I am not wearing shoes or boots with this outfit...which is not clever huh? You think I couldn't find any free booties or shoes? You are wrong .. I blogged quite a few boots and shoes for free before. And just to show you you can find a complete free outfit on Marketplace and all is great quality...I will show you some matching boots I blogged before... they are FREE on Marketplace. These boots are by Blackburns.
My last find is this cute top which I am wearing with the POISON Bal jeans. The shirt is also by POISON and it is called Rock shirt.