Friday, August 2, 2013

Prism, a fund gift by NS and the Join the Picnic hunt.

Hi there readers!
Nani from NS has a GREAT gift at her store. A very fun cropped top, called LOoOking good :) and as a bonus you get an IPHONE!!YAY! Which plays fun songs :)
The jeans are by Blackburns and they are on Marketplace. You get a blue and a black pair for free.
Kristabel from Ashmoot told me her store is participating in the Join the Picnic hunt! She has made some awesome gifts for this hunt, for females and for males too! You can find a HINT & LINK PAGE here. The hunt runs from August 1st till August 31st and you are looking for a picnic basket.
And this is what you get if you can find the hunt object at Ashmoot!
Next I went to Prism. They have a pile of group gifts and guess what? joining the group is free! OK I agree: I picked up their Christmas sweaters too, and it is by far not Christmas yet, but they are cute! Just look below how many group gifts are available at Prism.
There was a slight problem with the next gift. According to the picture there should be a top included. However there was no top in the folder. I replaced it by a shirt by Jane (free fat pack)