Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Down to my bare skin

Morning readers,
I am working on my blog for today and listening to music, cup of tea next to me, sun is shining, my dog is snoring under my desk. Sounds like a perfect day doesn't it? Here is the song I am listening to so you can enjoy it too, while reading my blog. And now to the bare skin part. Let me start with WoW skins. I already told you they have this beautiful Valentina skin (NOT free) on the Black Fair, and also the sweet Tanita skin which is just 1 L$ at the Black Fair. The freckles layer is NOT included. You can find it on Marketplace in 4 versions and it is by Glamorize. 5 L$ for the freckles :)
But Wow skins also has some awesome new gifts on their Midnight Mania Boards. These gifts change often so when you go there they already may have something else on the boards. The Midnight Mania boards and also the lucky boards are GROUP boards and joining is 250 L$. But you get a whole range of skins for that fee, so it is well worth to join!
Last week this lovely complete avatar was on the Midnight Mania boards! Including all the clothing, make ups, skin, shape and jewellery.
At the moment the lovely Rosa and Teresa skins are on the Midnight Mania boards at WoW skins. I am wearing the Valentina shape with these skins (not free) and my own shape.
And these skins are on their TEN (group) lucky boards. Just take a look at WoW skins ladies.
And this lovely EVA skin is also on the lucky boards at WoW skins. So is the lovely make up I am wearing with this skin, Lucie Make up, the full set.
But these are not the only skins I got...I did a bit of hunting in the Dare2Bare hunt and I landed at Pixiestix, where I found the large purple number 2, which is the hunt item in this hunt. I got this very pale skin as a gift in the #2.
I could not resist to click the Midnight Mania boards at Pixiestix too and I got another 2 great skins. Yu get waxed and  non waxed versions, and you get eyeliners too.