Saturday, August 10, 2013

Designer Circle #60, WoW skins and a little bit of hunting

Hi there readers :)
Today I went back to the Designer Circle to pick up some more goodies. In this Designer Circle a lot of great Second Life designers offer one or more of their designs for a price of 100 L$ or less. A great way to get some awesome design in your inventory for a very low price!
Let me start with this lovely Black & white dress by Mu-Shi Doll. You can find it at the Designer Circle for just 85 L$!

The lovely jewellery is the Gema set by Modern Couture. They offer it at the Designer Circle for 100 L%.
I am wearing the lovely Valentina skin & shape with this dress, which is available at the Black Fair and which is made by WoW skins.(not free, per skin tone you have to pay 450 L$, shape is included.)
And this next black & white dress is by Coco Sands, This lovely dress is called Jazzie and it is 99 L$ at the Designer Circle. Coco Sands also has a Jazzie SHAPE at the Designer Circle, which I am wearing with this dress. It is just 75 L$.
This lovely dotted top comes with Tango appliers and it is by Kennedy's. You can find it at the Designer Circle for 75 L$.
Over to WoW skins. They have some awesome prices in their Midnight Mania boards. But I have to say that they are GROUP boards and joining the group is 250 L$. However this gives you the right to click their MM boards and their Lucky boards too (they have no less than TEN at the moment). And you get a free skin each months...but that's not also get a huge pack with all previous gift skins too! Which makes it 250 L$ well spend! Look at what I got from the Midnight Mania boards (the gifts change often, so you might find something completely different on their boards).
The first one is a complete set of lovely chocolate skins called Musa. You get all make up options! All at WoW skins ladies. Eyes are also included and a shape too.
And the second one is a lovely Summer avatar, which comes with the lovely Sahar skins, Sahar shape, lovely make up options, a whole PILE of clothes and a set of lovely Ballet flats too! Even the lovely jewellery is included.
I am wearing the lovely Sahar skin with the shape I got from the lucky boards at Ataraxia. Just be patient till your letter comes up to get it.
And this very pale skin is a freebie by My Ugly Dorothy. No need for a group, just pick it up at the store. A shape is included, together with a teeth layer.
Then I did a bit of hunting in the Join the Picnic hunt. There is a HINT & LINK page available, which is very helpful.  You are looking for a picnic basket in this hunt.
There are a LOT of picnic tables, picnic blankets and picnic BBQs as a gift in this hunt. I am not going to blog those, as I blog apparel. But there are also a lot of great dresses, outfits and other stuff to find in this hunt. How about this lovely dress by Holli Pocket #30 in this hunt? It is just so soft and elegant and the only thing you have to do is find that picnic basket at their store!
I also went to nMn Design and they are participating in this Join the Picnic hunt too. And what do you get if you find this picnic basket at their store? This fun summer dress! nMn Design is # 25 in this hunt. The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri. The bangles are an older group gift, the three strand necklace is colour change and it is still free at the store, including a set of matching earrings.
My last find for today is by Dirty Laundry. They hid this great shorts and top set inside their picnic basket of the hunt! They are #21 in this hunt.
The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri.