Thursday, August 22, 2013

I am authographs fans!

Morning readers!
Ok it is a kinda strange title for my blog, but when I went to the Designer Circle I got 2 great dresses with accessories by Abia Capalini. When I put them on I was feeling like some movie star that is hiding or running for her fans ! These dresses are on offer for 95 L$ each, including the sunglasses and the bangles.

If you are wondering where I got that lovely jewellery set I am wearing with these dresses: this is also available at the Designer Circle. It is by Zuri's Jewellery and you can grab it for just 99 L$.
I found some more lovely jewellery at the Designer Circle! this great set is by Phoebe and you only have to pay 90 L$ for the set, or 55 L$ for the necklaces (2 styles) and 55 L$ for the earrings (also 2 styles).
And these elegant earrings are by Pink Cherry. They come in 2 great colours and they are on offer at the Designer Circle for 70 L$ per pair. They are called Teardrop earrings.
And B!asta has some lovely offers at the Designer Circle too! You can get two great sets at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ each. One is with a sweet skirt, the other with sexy shorts and you get a whole load of tops to go with the skirt or shorts!
The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri, the All Glam Diamond set. (not free)
Over to something completely different. The Dare2Bare hunt! This hunt runs till August 31st and there is a HINT & LINK page available. You are looking for a blue #2 which is sometimes large and sometimes small. And if you find that #2 at EBA lingerie this elegant bikini is yours to wear!
Another great bikini is this one by Tits Up. The #2 is hard to find there because it is rather small. But I got this great bikini from their lucky board.
Then I also found that very small #2 at Tits up...and this outfit was inside it!
Another bikini in this hunt is the one that is hidden inside the #2 at Trinite. Or is it a bikini? Well it is sexy at least! I am wearing the lovely hair gift by Tameless Hair in this hunt with this bikini. This lovely hair is hidden in the Tameless #2, so if you like it: go hunting! The hair is colour change by touch or with a hud which is included. Just showing you a few options.
Then as a last item I found the #2 at Brazen Hussies and inside is a great school girl outfit! Including the shoes! just got to get this one :)