Monday, August 12, 2013

Get your TP finger ready and put on those glasses too...

Dear readers,
Today you will have to jump all over Second life as I picked up goodies everywhere. So get ready for a lot of jumping around! First I picked up the lovely group gift by Finesmith. It is called August Queen and it is stunning! With this lovely jewellery I am wearing the Valentina skin and shape by WoW skins, and this beautiful skin is available on the Black Fair. This fair runs till August 23rd.
And then I went to Candy Metal to pick up their lovely group gift. Joining this group is free and they have this awesome red dress including the shoes as a gift! Even the necklace is included.
The next stop was at Love Me and I picked up this lovely dress in 3 great colours for free! The lovely jewellery is by Modern Couture and it is available at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ till August 17th.
Then I went to Siria's Fashion Room. NS design has this lovely romper there (mesh) for just 50 L$! Who can resist that? It is available for a limited time so don't wait too long to go there!
The lovely jewellery is the Classic Pearl set by Lazury. The single strand necklace is free, the double strand necklace is not free. The whole set is colour change, so you can adjust it to all your outfits.
NS also has some lovely new released tops at their store. They are called Reef Inspiration tops and they are 100 L$ each, of a fat pack is 300 L$.
Over to the Join the Picnic hunt. This hunt runs till August 31st and there are some great gifts in this hunt. A lot of picnic baskets, picnic blankets, picnic tables and stuff, which I don't blog. But also lovely outfits, hats and jewellery. There is a HINT & LINK page available which is very handy. And what are you looking for in this hunt? A picnic basket!
If you find that basket at Pink Cherry you get this great fruit hat as a present! Which goes great with the lovely flower dress WTB has hidden inside their picnic basket! Pink Cherry is #11 in this hunt. WTB is #31. I am ready for the Picnic ladies!
Then I landed at #16 Cero Style. They have some awesome bikinis hidden inside their picnic basket and you only have to find it to wear them all summer!
Another store participating in this hunt and which is giving away a sexy bathing suit is  #37 Chicago Fashion. Wow...don't I look amazing? The jewellery is an older group gift by Chop Zuey.
When you are going on a picnic you want to wear a dress or a top & pants set too...not just a bikini. Well there are a few stores that give away lovely dresses or tops & pants sets. Like this one, which is the gift at Prism (#45 in this hunt). You get this great top and the lovely yellow pants if you locate the picnic basket at their store. I am wearing some great bare feet with this outfit and they are the gift inside the picnic basket by Shoenique! Shoenique is #19 in this hunt.
If you go over to #51 Artic Storm, and you find their picnic basket, you get this great outfit in purple, which has many options how to wear it! The hints on the page are helpful if you get stuck ladies. The pearls are the Classic Pearl set by Lazuri, which is colour change and which is free.
Then I found another top & pants set and this one is by DeeJaVuu, which is #46 in the Join the Picnic hunt. Now where is that picnic basket? Go look for it and get this lovely outfit as a gift!
My next find is this cute tee shirt which is the gift inside the picnic basket at #22 GFD. The pants are not included, they are by Blackburns and they are free on Marketplace. You get a blue and a black pair.
Over to Frutie Cutie. Ohhh they have a lovely dress hidden inside their picnic basket ladies. Well worth the effort of finding it! Well green is my fav colour and it might not be yours, but it is still a great dress! Frutie Cutie is #52 in the hunt.
The lovely jewellery is againthe Classic Pearl set by Lazuri, which is fre eon Marketplace.
My last find for today is $49 in the Join the Picnic hunt, and the store is named 20 Five & Six. If you can find the picnic basket at their store you will get this great dress as a gift! Now who can resist that?