Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tie the knot hunt and and...oh take a look for yourself !

The Tie the Knot hunt runs till the 24th of March so you have little time left to get these great gifts ! You have to look for a ring in a jewelry box and if you find it at Timeless Weddings you get this lovely bouquet to wear with your bridal outfit. The elegant hair is a freebie on Marketplace by Alli & Ali hair and it is called Wilma.
Or you could hop over to Junk Drawer and get this lovely engagement ring there !
Another engagement ring can be found at The Pink Bandaid. Just find the jewelry box there !
And if you are looking for a lovely diamond earrings to wear with your wedding gown you could visit Rebel Hope and look for the jewelry box there !
This next bridesmaid gown is hidden inside the jewelry box at Mid Maribol Inshan Designs.
Last one from this hunt: the top and pants set by Dark Creations ! You can wear it on your wedding night too as sexy lingerie.
Then I went to Polished to click their Midnight Mania board and YAY it closed. It doesn't need much clicks get your friends and go click to get these elegant stilletos.
I found some more great shoes on Marketplace! These ones are by Novi Design and they are called Lola wine pumps.
These pumps will go great withthe dress I also found on Marketplace. It is by Naked Kitties and it is actually a Christmas dress, but it is in my opinion a GREAT dress to wear to a party all through the year. 1 L$ for this dress.
You can wear to decide to wear this lovely cupcake necklace with your gown. You can find it in the Marketplace store by Pynkz and the heart is color change !
If you are looking for some nice make-up to wear with your gowns or dresses, why not get the elegant masks Taliesins Tails has on Marketplace.
Or you can get the great full make up by EyeLure. You get the lipsticks and the matching eye make up ! The pack is just 49 L$  and you get 4 full make ups!

Or you can go for the beautiful lipsticks by R.Icielli.
And theseThese next elegant shoes are by Amarello Manga. The sandals are 1 L$.
They go great with the elegant summer gown I found at House of Gaga for just 1 L$. I styled the lovely gown with a colorfull necklace which I also found on Marketplace.

The next cute booties are by A&A and they are called white belt booties. 1 L$ to wear them ladies.
And these elegant booties are by WCI. They are called laced boots and they are supposed to be white... 1 L$ for these boots.
Or if you are in a wild mood, why don't you go for the leopard boots Topaz Square has put in their Marketplace store?
These next shoes are victorian shoes by Contre Escape.
Last shoes for today are these chuncky Bordello Shoes by PIA. The ribbon is color change. 1 L$ fot these boots ladies !


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