Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm a diva incognito :)

Today I am hiding behind my glasses and I feel like a Diva incognito. Softly singing one of my favorite songs I am shopping for lovely goodies. And I found this complete outfit, shoes, glasses, bag, ring and dress at EvilKyoot for free ! it is their gift in the Fashionista hunt. You have to find a pink shopping bag at their store ! There is a HINT page which you can find HERE, EvilKyoot is #5 in the list.. The hunt runs till Marchs 31st.
I did some more hunting, this time at Winterwood. They have this lovely gift in the Fashionista hunt. The boots are included.
And Winterwood also is participating in the SPDH hunt and you have to find a shamrock at their store to get this great outfit.
Over to So What. They also hid a wonderful gift inside the pink shopping bag of the TFH. I love this elegant outfit!

Wildflower gives you this great teeshirt with the Fashionista Hunt logo on it IF you find the pink shopping bag at their store.
And from the next outfit I found the top inside the pink shopping bag of TFH at Spirit Mainstore and the lovely pants with suspenders at Anymore. Both shops are participating in the Fashionista hunt, so you have to find the pink bag.
Then I got a lovely pink and grey tracksuit, which was hidden inside the pink shopping bag at Option Designs. You can mix and match and the shoes are also included in 2 colors.

I also found a few lovely dresses inside the shopping bags from the Fashionista hunt. This first one was the gift at Static Clothing and it is #1, the starting point of this hunt !
If you look up #34 on the HINT page you will find the hint for ZeeBee Fashion. And if you find the pink shopping bag there this lovely dress is yours !
Another shop that gives away a lovely dress in the Fashionista Hunt is Brat!. I love this checkered dress ! Find the shopping bag ladies !
If you hop over to ChiNeko and if you find the pink shopping bag there, you will get these great flats to wear with your gifts above !
OK enough with the hunting. These next 2 dresses are the newest 60 L$ items Sascha's Design has at their store. They have 2 new 60 L$ offers each week and they stay available for 2 weeks, so you can get the ones from last week too !
The pink dress is calles Muse in pink, the black gown is called Obsession.

You could get the lovely new hairdo's by Tameless hair to wear with these gowns. The top one is called LOLAH, the bottom one LILAH, and they are both color change with a hud. You can change the hair or the streak.
You can get a DEMO of LOLAH and LILAH on marketplace.

And you could also wear the lovely make up by Eyelure with the dresses and outfits above. They have it in their Marketplace store and the make up is called Brilliant Bolds. 59 L$ for the 5 eye make-ups.
The next dress is the 60 L$ item for this weekend at Trendstyle. The dress is called Jenna.
Trendstyle is also participating in the Bunny hunt (guess what? You have to find a bunny). If you do find the bunny at their store you get this lovely spring lingerie.
The next gown is the newest group gift at Ever'an Angel. The gown is amazing, lovely rich chocolate color and beautiful details. Joining the group is free.
And if you are at Ever'an Angel, look for a shamrock at Ever'an Angel...because this elegant celtic style gown is hidden inside this shamrock from the Pot O gold hunt.
Last one for today is Bacidalucia. They are participating in several hunts, and if you find a carrot at their store you will get this lovely outfit. It is the gift in the WNBH hunt.
Bacidalucia also is participating in the HWOF hunt and if you fins a star at their store this outfit below is yours.
Last hunt item I found at Bacidalucia was from the DSM hunt (Depraved Spring Madness Hunt). Find a round black box with a green leaf on it and this outfit below is yours !!