Monday, March 26, 2012

Mondays...I do hate mondays...

Monday, the day after the weekend, lazy days are over...I really don't like mondays. But I found a few goodies to brighten your day !!!
First of all: the Who's that Girl hunt is going to start on April 1st and it runs till April 20th and I am giving you a sneak preview of the lovely gifts the designers have hidden.
The starting point it at POINT STAR. You are looking for the letters WTG.
The first one I am going to show you is by Lushish Catz. They give away this great outfit including bangles in the Who's that Girl hunt. The shoes are by BabyMonkey, Audrey shoes.
Envy me gives you these great capri pants in the WTGH. The sweater is a former freebie by HOC Industries.
And Seldom Blue has this great bikini as a gift in the WTGH. I love the little bows :)
Hot Stuff gives you this sexy outfit if you find the hunt item at their store (after April 1st ofcourse). The necklace is included.
The next outfit is called Shopping in New York and it is by T&S Glamour. It is their gift in the WTGH. And the hat, bag and shoes are included.
Rockoil is also participating in the WTGH. They give you this red outfit if you find the hunt item at their store.
Last one for today from the WTGH is Just You jewels. They have put this great necklace in the hunt item from the WTGH. Remember it runs from April 1st till April 20th. and it is a sim wide hunt.
The next lovely jewelry set (earrings & necklace) is the newest group gift by Virtual Impressions. WOW !
If you like jewelry you should hunt a bit in the Fashionista hunt ! BeautyCode has hidden this great diamond set insid ethe pink shopping bag of this hunt !
And Mustang Trading Post also has hidden a lovely jewelry set insid etheir pink shopping bag !
These lovely earrings in silver and gold are the present by Grumble in the Fashionista Hunt. The hunt runs till march 31st so you don't have much time left to find the pink shopping bags at the participating stores! Better hurry!
And these lovely earrings can be found inside the pink shopping bag at HollyWeird.
Another shop that gives you earrings if you find the shopping bag at their store is Persefona. So a lot of choice of earrings ladies. While you are at the stores, take a look around, they have beautiful design!
I found this great skin in tghe pink shopping bag at Shine! WOW that is a lovely skin ! Go hunting ladies and it is yours.
Then I found another skin hidden inside the shopping bag from the Fashionista hunt. You can find it at The Skin you're in and you get a lovely shape too. And guess what? It has FRECKLES !!
Another store that is participating in the Fashionista hunt is Moondance Boutique. I am not so keen on nails but they are giving away beautiful nails hidden inside the pink shopping bag !
And Zephir also has a pink shopping bag hidden at their store. You get a bag in a bag, this lovely clutch bag which you can wear on the left or on the right is the gift in the Fashioniste Hunt by Zephir. Zephir also has a gift at the store, this lovely bow bag.

The last one for today is the lovely new group gift Bliss Couture has for their group members. A perfect dress for a spring dance ladies !