Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Skin Special (with some make up and some jewelry)

Just a special on some skins I found. Let me start with Beautycode.
They have this lovely new release, an elegant pale skin called Sophia.
It comes with many make-up options from dark goth to perfect nude. I am not showing you all, there are too many make-ups and there are also opened mouth options!
There is also a Sophia shape, which I am showing you too.
It is a NEW RELEASE, so not free!

Talking about make up....with St. Patricks Day in mind EyeLure has created some GREAT make up! You can find it on Marketplace and it is only 39 L$. You get 2 options: wear it with or without the shamrock. So after St. Patty you can wear it too with all your green outfits! The great jewelry is free by Ganked, and you can also find it on MARKETPLACE.
And finally the Midnight Mania board at Dryad closed and YAY I got this lovely Kiwi jewelry set! The board needs only 40 clicks, so get your friends to click and you can wear it too !
The next skin is free. It is the group gift by AlVulo and is it called Natalie.
Another free skin is the one below. It is by Rockberry and it is called Apple. It is from their lucky boards.
These next skins are by Glamorize and they are in their Marketplace shop. They are elves skins and you get a shape too. You also get a lot of demo skins. 1 L$ for the whole package.
The next skins you can also find on MARKETPLACE and they are by Shine. You get a new skin & shape and an older one. The skin & shape are called Lana.
Another very light skin is the one by Panda Punx. Also available on Marketplace. You get a shape too, the skin is called Keri. You habve to pay 1 L$ to get this skin & shape.
The next skin and shape is called Sweet Diva. You also get eyes with the skin (not shown). The skin & shape are by Imagine.
This next skin is not only a skin, but a complete avatar! You have to pay 1 L$ to get this avatar, but it is a really good one ! It is by Gothica and it is called Chaos Chick.
The next one is also a complete avatar and I found it on Marketplace. It is called No more Noob (it is by LDB) and you get a skin, shape, eyes, hair and a lovely dress with shoes. OK I am not keen on the shape...but the rest is pretty good !
Mother Goose alsways had many lucky boards and I hadn't been there for a while. They changed the shop but the many lucky boards are still there ! I got a LOT of skins there, just standing there for an hour or so. Not going to name them all, just take a look how lucky you can get there !

Last one for today is the group gift by MYUglyDorothy.

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