Monday, March 12, 2012

Let me start with shoes, and just find out where I will end...

{Polished} has not only changed their name (was Polished Stars before) but they also changed their whole shop ! WOW it looks amazing, you should really go and take a look ! There is still a lucky board at the store and I got a sexy tattoo from the lucky board. Next to the Lucky board are 1 L$ gifts for group members !
They include a pair of nude shoes, a lovely necklace and a bow tie ring.
I got these elegant stilletto's there (they are not free, 250 L$, but worth every linden!). They come in many colors and with or without the pearls.
These are the 1 L$ group gifts.

And this is the weekly 99 L$ offer. At {Polished} ladies !
I am wearing the tattoo from the lucky board at {Polished} with the ripped jeans which are the newest group gift by Anymore. The shoes are ofcourse the Polished shoes. The sweater is a former freebee by HOC Industries.
The next shoes I found on Marketplace for just 1 L$. I like to shop there because you can find so many cute free gifts there ! These are by  Choooz.

The next shoes are also from Marketplace and these zipped flats are by PM. You get a hughe fatpack in sooo many colors...(not showing you all).
These next shoes are by Viviane Fashion. They are especially made for St. Patrick Day. The high tops are 99 L$ per pair, the canvas sneakers are 25 L$ per pair.

Over to Crystal Line. They have a lot of group gifts and joining the group is free ! These elegant booties are some of the group gifts.

More group gifts by Cristal Line? Hmm they have a lot of jewelry as a group gift !! There are also a few lucky boards at the store.

Talking about jewelry. Vincenca Rosca has the most elegant jewelry at their store. These ones are called Orbital Pearls and the sets are so elegant. I just couldn't resist to show them to you, they are not free but very affordable !
The metal and pearls are color change with a hud.

MDL has these lovely earrings as a group gift (joining is free). But they also have cute leggins, a cropped hoodie with hair, fun socks, a bikini, a cute jeans bag and YES they do have green SHOES as a group gift too! So I started with shoes...and ended with shoes !