Friday, March 23, 2012

It is SPRING in the Netherlands....

Well I am just so happy that we have this lovely spring weather after the clod grey winter months that I could not think of any other title. Besides that: I have some clothes for you, some jewelry, some skins, some shoes, some hair and a GREAT hat. And how can I think up a title for all that?
Let me start with the lovely hat I found at Pixie Sticks. They are participating in the TTMYGK hunt and you have to find a purple O.o sign to get this great hat.

Pixie Sticks is participating in the Fashionista Hunt (TFH). This hunt runs till March 31st.
You have to find a pink shopping bag and if you find it at Pixie Sticks you get this great set of skins AND the cute lollipop with animation!

Another skin can be found at Krasota. They are also participating in the Fashionista hunt. so you have to look for a pink shopping bag there too to get this lovely skin. The skin is called Svetlana.
And Modish has this lovely skin hidden inside their pink shopping bag at the store.
Modish is participating in a few hunts and these next skins are hidden inside the hunt item from the TPH hunt and the hunt item from the DSM hunt. The shop is not that big, the items are easy to spot.

Another store that has a great skin is LaVie. They have this elegant MeiMei skin as a group gift. You have to pay 1 L$ for it though. There is also a male skin available for group members.
Then I went to M's Avon and they have these lovely group gifts ! A lovely long necklace, the Titan set in 3 colors is also a group gift, and a cute red leather jacket.

M's Avon also has a GREAT Midnight Mania board gift! Three pairs of very cute boots are inside and it doesn't need much clicks !
I also found the hunt gift hidden inside a 4 leaf clover at M's Avon. They are participating in the St. Pat hunt.
Tameless is also participating in this St. Pat hunt (you also have to find a 4 leaf clover at their store). If you find the hunt items you get this cute green hair. A bit late for St. Patrick Day, but maybe for next year? The hunt runs till March 31st.
Tameless is participating in the Fashionista Hunt as well, so if you find the pink shopping bag at their store you will be the proud owner of this GREAT ponytail hair, called Leah. The hair and the streaks are color change with a hud !!!

Then I found another shop that is participating in the St. Pat hunt. Lindy Modern & Retro shoes have this great pair of shoes fidden inside their 4 leaf clover.
Ohh I love shoes, you all know that. These ones are from the Fashionista hunt. I found them inside pink shopping bag at Xana Elegance.
And these shoes are hidden by Reila Skins inside their pink shopping bag.
Loordes of London is also participating in the Fashionista hunt and they give away these sexy booties as their hunt price.
Last store with shoes was Brandy's Boutique. You not only get these cute sneakers, you also get the great outfit is you find the pink shopping bag at their store !

Hmmm what is left in my inventory? Oh yes...the lovely bikini by Angelic Lefevre and the cute hat by Swine & Roses. Both are gifts in the Fashionista hunt go hunting for the pink shopping bag ladies ! The skin is the Krasota Svetlana skin, blogged above.
Then my friend Elayne asked me to hunt with her for the hunt item of the Depraved Spring Hunt (which is a round black box with a green leaf on it) at Blow up. And YAY we found it !!! Inside were these cute red glasses and hey ...don't I look intelligent with those ???