Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some gowns, some dresses, some shoes, some hair, some hunting

OK I could have given this blog the title: mix, leftovers, bits and bobs, mix and match, but hey YOU try to think up a new title every day !
I found simply a lot of fun things and I am going to put them on my blog :)
Let me start with the GREAT new group gift by Sascha's Design. Joining the group is 50 L$ but it is so worth it! You get a new gown or dress each month, and you get all previous group gifts back till 2008 ! Which means you get about 50 lovely dresses and gowns ! Anyway this is the MARCH 2012 gown...
To add to this gown you can buy (so not free, 75 L$ per skirt!) a variety of skirt options. I am showing you the LONG skirts you can buy as an extra, there is also a mini skirt available. So you can style the gown in the way you like best ! The skirts are next to the free monthly gown at Sascha's Design.
Sascha's design also has two 60 L$ items each week and the ones below are available as from friday March 2nd.

And I could not resist to show you this lovely spring gown. It is called Mimosa and it is not available YET at the store...but it has such a lovely spring feeling ! It comes with many skirt options, but I liked this one best.
I am wearing the sweet pink hair with this dress which I got from the Lucky board at D!va. Actually I got two hairstyles from the lucky boards, showing both below.

Another great gown is the one The White Armory gives away to their group members! Joining is free.
And Flawless has this elegant gown as a gift in their Midnight Mania board! Get your friends to close the board ladies and it is yours. You can also wear it short and sexy or as underwear.
To wear with these lovely gowns join the Diana DeBrevec group and get their great group gift ! Lovely high heeled sandals ! And don't forget to pick up the free black shoes too ! Thank you Pulp Faxel for the great tip !

Or you can go for the newly released booties by Loordes of London. They are called Crickhowell and as they are a new release they are NOT free.
Aidoru has released great combat boots for girls ! They don't go well with the gowns, but hey you do not wear gowns all the time do you?
And look at all the lovely details !
Then Luzie Cheng (thanks Lucy) told me there is a hunt going on at J.E. Republic. You can find 10 giftboxes at the store, each one contains a lovely present ! Some are free, some are 1 L$ and 2 of the packages are 10 L$ (I didn not get the 10 L$ ones). The boxes are easy to find and look what I found inside !
The black ruffled skirt and the teeshirt or corset are each in a different box.

Over to the J.E. Republic group gift...joining is free and you get these cute glasses.