Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jewelry, shoes, hair and some hunting to do.

Today I enjoyed the sun and I didn't have much time to finish my blog. But I am trying to show you a few goodies in SL. The first one is the lovely new jewelry set by Addiction. It is called DREAMCATCHER and it is only 75 L$ this weekend ! So you have to hurry to get it.
Then Viviane Design has these great sneakers for just 99 L$ per pair, also onl THIS weekend. And we all know Viviane sneakers are GREAT ! Viviane also has reduced all clothing in their outlet to just 1 L$ for ONE WEEK only ! Worth to take a look !
The next lovely pouty lips are by EyeLure. You can wear them in 3 ways, with parted lips or without. I am showing you just 2 ways but you can see the 3rd way on Marketplace. And there is an inworld display too. 49 L$ for these pouty lips !
Then Alli & Ali have changed their group gifts and voting gifts. You can find both at their MAINSTORE. The hair band of the Kathy hair is color change in many colors, just showing you 2 options.

Alli & Ali also have new EASTER hair.They have a big Easter sale from March 25th till April 15th at Alli&Ali Malls at Short Beach, Bikini Beach, and Witches Forest. Every shop has a sign to show that they are participating and and there are loads of coloful hair just for 50 L$.

The next hairstyles are freebies in the Marketplace store from Alli & Ali. I linked the names of the hair to the SLURL.
I did some more hunting in the Fashionista Hunt. You have to find a pink shopping bag at the participating stores and there is a hint page HERE, which is a great help. The next gown is by Kakia Design and it is hidden inside their pink shopping bag. The only thing you have to do is FIND it. #22 in the hunt if you are looking at the hints.
And this elegant cocktail dress with clutch and bangles is by Schnappchengrotte. Also hidden inside the pink shopping bag ! #17 in the hunt.
Then I went to Ostentations (#28) to find this great gown ...very sexy. Find the pink shopping bag and it is yours !
The next shop was B!asta. They are #49 in the hunt. I found the shopping bag and I got lucky at the lucky chair in the store too ! I got the outfit below, the bangles and the lovely pink scarf.

Then I stopped at Evolve to look for their shopping bag. This is what they hid as a gift insid ethe bag! #12 in the hunt. LOVE the back of this dress. The front looks quite innocent...but the back is WOW...
#52 is Mindgames and they are also participating in this Fashionista hunt. The have a lovely goft for you too if you find the shopping bag at their store !
The next shop was ES styles, which is #60 in the Fashionista hunt. Ther pants and top set are great. But before you can wear it you have to find the shopping bag at the store !
Last one for today is Natural Expressions. They have this lovely purple cocktail dress hidden inside their shopping bag from the Fashionista Hunt. The hunt runs till March 31st and this is #57 in the hunt.