Sunday, March 4, 2012

MESH? You hate it or you love it !

One of my very first favorite shops was Mischief, back then the ownwer/designer was Janie Marlowe. Janie left SL for a while but she has a new shop, called Jane. And guess what? She made a LOT of lovely MESH dresses and gowns for the Mesh March Madness 2012. Look below and then decide wether you hate it or love it :)

Another great event is the Whore Couture Fair 2012. BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) is participating in this fair and the next 2 great outfits are released for this fair. They come in many colors. The dresses are called PornStar (showing you the red version) and Ultimatum (showing you the black version). Shoes or boots are included.

Ever 'n Angel also has some very cute MESH releases. The first one is their March group gift ! The shoes come with the dress.
The lovely boots are also MESH items and a new release at Ever 'n Angel. Remember: they are NEW RELEASES so NOT FREE!!!

And the cute pants below are called Prettyful jeans. I styled them with the MESH blouses and tops by Ever 'n Angel. The first top is called Printemps Jersey tank.
This next top is called Candace II Poets blouse.
And the last top is called Osho Mesh Top. All by Ever 'n Angel ladies.
Chichickie has a lovely subscribo gift for their members, great hair which is called Zoey. It is a new release but group members get  the platina and brown version as a gift. The hair by Chichickie has a color change by touch option (but a hud is also in the package). You can change the hair color or the streaks.
A fatpack always will be marked down for the first 2 days (48 hours) of a new release, so grab the full color pack for just 95 L$ ladies !!

Then I got the cute group gift by Sheep door and they also have an opening gift at the store. The hair with cap is the opening gift.

Pulp Faxel gave me the tip to go look at Aleida and get the group gifts there. Joining the Aleida group is free and you get all the group items I am showing you below.

Aleida also has a gown in memory of Whitney Houston. WOW ....