Sunday, August 9, 2015

You can never get enough free skins!

Hi Readers!
Is it true or not? You can never have enough skins, especially if they are free or if they are 1 l$?
Well I found some more great skins, mainly for free and those who aren't free are 1 L$.
The skins on my blog today are ALL from Marketplace, so you can shop leaning back in your lazy chair and just click away!
This first skin is by Shine and it is called Lana. The skins is free and it comes with 3 shapes. I am wearing my own shape with ALL skins so you can see what a difference each skin makes with the same shape.
Remember: I am wearing freckle layers with ALL skins I wear. They are NOT included.
And the next skins are by Deviant Style. They are just beautiful skins with an extra touch. I really love them, and I hope you do too. The skins are free.
This next skin is by Aimi and it is called Lauren. The skin is 1 L$ and it comes with a shape (not shown).
This skin is called Melisa and it is totally free. It is by Venus Mesh Hair & clothes and it comes with a shape (NOT shown).
Another great set of skins is the one by Lipstick. The skins have no name but you get one skin in 4 make up versions. The skins are free.
Then I found two skins by DeLuxe BodyFactory. This first skin is called Eili Vanilla and it is 1 L$. Lola Tango appliers are included.
And this skin is also from Deluxe BodyFactory. The skin is called Honor and it has a lovely make up. This skin is free.
My next find is a lovely skin by CStar and it is their 5th anniversary gift. The skin is called Shine. This skin is free. You get an extra festive make up included with the skin.
And Hiyori has a beautiful skin too on Marketplace. This skin is very soft and elegant and it is totally free. For me it has that sweet Asian look.
The next skins are by RedSand and you get 2 skin tones of this free skin.
Over to Le Perche. They have this lovely Sakura skin for free on Marketplace. beautiful eyes, lashes and a shape are included. With this skin I am still wearing my own shape, but look how the skin changes the shape of my face!
Another great skin is the one by Heavens Gate. This skin is called Alice and a shape is included. This skin and shape are free. I love the soft blush on this skin.
My next find is theis skin by Natural Beauty. The skin is called Sissy and it is free.
My last find for today is a darker one and it is by HalGom Store. The skin is called Michelle and this skin is free. Several make up layers are included.