Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I have more Allure.

Morning Readers,
Like I told you: more group gifts from Allure today. They have plenty group gifts at the store, in front of most vendors is a bag with a group gift on the floor. There is even a gift certificate gift to spend at the Allure store! Joining the Allure group is free.
So today a little more sexy outfits.
This first outfit is called Siren Catsuit. The necklace and the bikini are included.
And this outfit are the Lotus pants and bikini top. I am wearing another group gift with this outfit: the Mystique ankle boots.
Another outfit is the next one: The Midnight crop top and the Midnight flower leggings.
The Pretty Opium boots come with jeans and a bikini.
The next outfit is called Pretty Countess top 'n skirt.
The thigh high Countess boots will go great with this dress.
And my last find for today is the Juliet dress including a thong.