Saturday, August 15, 2015

Designer Circle round #111 and free shoes!

Morning Readers,
The Designer Circle starte dtheir #111 round and as you all know by now: nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$. It is a great way to fill your inventory with awesome designs for bottom prices! Some of the best Second Life designers offer one or more of their designs at the Designer Circle!
This round runs till August 22nd.
And for those who are looking for a free item: I am wearing Katrin shoes by Like Designs, they are from one of their 2 Midnight Mania boards (group only). Like Designs also has 6 group Lucky boards (joining the group is free) and one SLF&O group gift (this group is also free to join).
Back to the Designer Circle, what did I get there?
Let me start with the lovely skin I am wearing. This skin is by WoW skins and it is called Kreem. Kreem comes in 5 lovely skin tones, ranging from a pale milk to a dark golden tone. Each skin tone is just 99 L$, and for that price you can afford all! All appliers you might need are avvailable at the WoW skins main store. I am wearing extra RECKLE layers with this skin, they are NOT included. You can find them on Marketplace for 5 L$ and they are by Glamorize.
Then I found this awesome nail polish hud by Pink Cherry at the Designer Circle. This hud is for SLINK hands and feet and it is only 80 L$ for 8 lovely nail polishes!
Then I wanted to get dressed and I put on the lovely Everyday Undies 1 Hundred has on offer at the Designer Circle. With these undies Linc, Omega and Lola appliers are included. The set comes in 6 great colours and each one is 95 L$.
Now what to wear? Well at the Designer Circle you can find anything that suits your mood.  Like if you are into an afternoon shopping in Paris, you could go for the elegant dress Legendaire has on offer at the Designer Circle. This lovely dress is called Erase and Rewind, and it comes in 3 great textures. The bag with 2 poses is included and each outfit is 99 L$.
But if you like to spend an afternoon walking along the boulevards, get the Stephanie Mesh dress which is on offer at the Designer Circle by London People. This fun striped dress comes with a hat, with 2 different bracelets, a cameo necklace, hoop earrings, white sunglasses, a floppy sun hat and bubble gum. Just 100 L$ for this complete outfit!
Or if you just want to look elegant and sophisticated, Sofie's Selection has 3 lovely jump suits on offer at the Designer Circle. Each outfit comes with a colour change HUD which changes the colour ot the texture into 4 different ones. And each outfit is 100 L$.
I am wearing Katrin shoes with this outfit and they are on the Midnight Mania boards at Like Designs. They are GROUP boards (and there are 6 group Lucky boards too) but the group is free to join. So is the SLF&O group and at Like Designs you will find a gift for SLF&O group members at the entrance.
The lovely jewellery is a group gift by Lazuri. Their group is 250 L$ to join but there are several previous group gifts available.