Monday, August 31, 2015

I feel soo precious....

Happy Monday readers!
Today I feel very precious, mainly because Precious Designs has many lovely gifts. They have 5 Mini Mania boards, 6 lucky boards, 2 Midnight Mania boards and a gift for SLF&O members (this group is free to join).
There is no group needed for the lucky boards or all other boards!
Below is what I was so lucky to get there!
This is the gift for SLF&O members:
The cute shoes are a group gift at Like Design. This group is free to join.
And the next 2 outfits are from the Midnight Mania boards.
The last dress is from one of the Mini Mania boards. The boards change often, so there could be other outfits on them now.
Over to Besom. This group is free to join and they have 2 group gifts at the store which I blogged before. There are also 2 lucky boards, and I was so lucky to get both hairs. You can see them below and each style comes with MANY huds to change the colour of the hair. Just showing you a few examples.
Another store with great hair is Argrace. They have several group gifts, and the group is free to join. I am showing you a beautiful hair comb which is a group gift, and Moonlight hair, which is also a group gift. I am wearing the hair with the ear muffs that are included, but you can wear the hair without the ear muffs too.