Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Are you into free skins?

Morning Readers!
Yes I am back and I still have some more free skins for you. I hope you enjoyed my previous posts with free or not so free skins and I hope you are convinced that some free skins are a really good quality, especially because they are free.
So today yet another blog with free skins by just 2 stores.
The skins today are group gifts by either Lumae or KRB. Both groups are free to join and below I will show you what you get being  agroup member.
Let me start with Lumae. At their store you will find a lot of group gifts, an SLF&O gift and at FabFree Headquaters you will find 2 more skins by Lumae.
I am not showing you ALL gifts today. The rest will follow tomorrow, you will get that many group gifts!
KRB also has a lovely group gift skin which is called Pepper. There are also 3 Midnight Mania boards at their store (non group) and 3 mini Mania boards (also non group). I wasn't very Lucky, I didn't get any skin fromthose boards, but maybe you are?