Saturday, November 1, 2014

A really Girly blog

Happy Saturday Readers!
Today I just wanted to make a really girly blog. Sweet dresses, preferably in pink, cute nails...just for us girls. Sometimes you need a day to just pamper yourself, make yourself look sexy and beautiful, take a beauty mask, make your hair shine and put on those girly heels and that girly outfit you found at the Designer Circle.
The current round of the Designer Circle runs till November 8th.
So let me show you what I mean...this first outfit is by Ashmoot and it is called Coll Corina and it is just a perfect outfit for those girly days. Great pants and a soft knitted sweater, and elegant pink jewellery with roses. You can alsmost smell my sweet perfume....(99 L$ for this complete outfit, including a very cute grey bag, which is not shown).
And guess what? The elegant matching heels for SLINK HIGH feet are also on offer at the Designer Circle. (79 L$ for the shoes, but you do need to own SLINK HIGH feet to wear them).
The lovely skin I am wearing is Poison darktan by WoW skins. This skin is available at the Designer Circle in 3 skin tones. Each skintone is 99 L$ and all appliers are available too.
The elegant hair is Judy by Tameless hair and this hair comes with an easy to use HUD which changes the hair into 30 lovely hair tones. 249 L$ for this beautiful hair including the HUD.
Then B-Dazzled has an awesome gown on offer at the Designer Cirlce. This gown is called Glamourous Me and with this gown you get a colour change HUD which changes the dress into 10 great colours. I am wearing the pink today because of my girly blog, but the other colours are to die for too! Just 100 L$ for the gown including the HUD.
With the Glamourous Me gown I am wearing a free gift by Chop Zuey, Betty. This set is colour change, which means you can change the colour of the gems, the metal and the Pearls. (for details see my YESTERDAY BLOG)
And 1 Hundred also has some really perfect dresses on offer at the Designer Circle. These Glamor dresses come in no less than 6 great colours and each one is 95 L$. All appliers are included, but the dresses can be worn without owning mesh body parts too. I chose the blue one as my favorite, just to compensate all the pink on my blog today!
Now as you might have noticed I am not wearing shoes with the elegant B-Dazzled gown above. However there are a few perfect shoes on offer at the Designer Circle which go great with all dresses and gowns. How about these one by Preptopia? They are called Boston heels and they are for SLINK HIGH feet. There is a HUD included which changes the sole into dark or light, and it also changes the metal studs into silver or gold. Just 100 L$ for the shoes including the HUD. The nude colour goes great with any outfit.
Or if you like peeptoes, just go get the Necca heels Hollyhood has on offer at the Designer Circle. They come in red, black or nude and they are just too good to miss! The Necca shoes are for SLINK HIGH feet and each pair is 99 L$.
Ohhh...those nails...JAM has such tempting ones on offer at the Designer Circle. And what is more girly than getting your nails done?  I just fell for the Star nails, which are for SLINK hands & feet or for the SLINK nail enhancer. The Star Nails Hud changes the nails into 8 different colours and I am sure they will match all your girly or non-girly outfits! 99 L$ for the STAR nails.
Jam also has POIS nails on offer at the Designer Circle. The Pois nails are also for SLINK Hands & feet (or the enhancer) and this set is also 99 L$. However the Pois nails come in 10 great colours!