Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lots of tops, male outfits and scary eyes.

Hello Readers,
Today on my blog you will see me in several male outfits. And in a lot of tops. And with scary eyes. Why? Because I was doing the Dirty Turkey Hunt and in this hunt are several gifts for guys, lots of tops and one pair of really scary eyes.
The Dirty Turkey hunt runs till November 30th and all gifts in this hunt are free. You are looking for a round box with a Turkey on it. And if you get stuck the HINT & LINK page of this hunt might be very helpful!
So what did I get?
I landed at #60 FE style and inside their hunt box I found this elegant male jacket. Or is it female? I don't know...I think it looks pretty good on me :)
The sexy leather bracelet is by #50 Heartistic. And if you want to wear it you willhave to find the hunt box at their store.
The jeans are by Blackburns and they are free on Marketplace. You get a black and a blue pair.
The necklace is by Fairy Tales and this shop no longer exists.
Then I went to #104 Bravura and I found a male suit inside their hunt box. Hmmm....should I try that on? Well I did. Does it look good on me? Well you can judge for yourself.
The elegant earrings are a hunt gift by #130 Loordes of London.
The next store with a male gift is #86 V-Spot. I just love the jacket, it gives me that boyfriends jacket look. If you want to wear it, or you want your male friends to get it...go hunting at their store!
Then I found a LOT of tops in this hunt. Really a LOT. I blogged some before, but here are some more. This first top you can find inside the hunt box at #22 The Little Bat. They give you a male and a female version of this shirt, so take your friends hunting with you!
Another store that has a shirt as a hunt gift is #31 F.A.A. They have this great brown Thankful sweater hidden inside their hunt gift box. Perfect for Thanksgiving dinner!
Now before you can cook that Turkey for Thanksgiving you will have to catch it....and #27 Elephante Poses gives you a Turkey and a pose if you can find their Turkey box! I can tell you: it is NOT easy to catch a Turkey on Essenz Heels, even if they are as pretty as these pink Geneva ones for SLINK MID feet (not free).
Over to #65 Ambient Fashion. They have this lovely cropped Armar top as a hunt gift and all you have to do is locate that hunt box at their store to get it.
Then I found another top inside the hunt box at #74 Loulou & Co. This time it is an elegant silk blouse like top, with a beautiful shine. Sexy and elegant, really worth to go hunting for. The beautiful long necklace is included !!
And #19 Arise has this Tank top with cross inside their hunt box. I am wearing another hunt gift with this tank top, cross tattoos on my hands and matching rings. They are hidden inside the Turkey box at #35 K-Otic.n The tattoos come with a SLINK applier.
My last find for today are the scary eyes I warned you about before. If you go hunting at #125 Chop Shop and you find that hunt box, these Turkey eyes are yours!