Monday, November 10, 2014

How about these group gifts PART 1.

Morning Readers!
Due to serious health problems my blog will not appear on a regular basis. Sorry.

Today just ONE store on my blog: Yasum. And why only Yasum? Well they have some awesome group gifts. Their group is free to join and what I am going to show you today and tomorrow is all FREE!
But what I am showing is just a fraction of their free gifts, just teleport there, join the group, and have a look around. You won't believe the gifts they offer!
Today on my blog the sort of Steampunk outfits I found. The more elegant and softer outfits will follow tomorrow.
To get the outfits: wear your group tag and double click the vendor.
So let me get started. This first outfit is called Urban Day full outfit. And you get all I am wearing, including the blindfold.
And the next outfit is the Yasum Black Sensation complete outfit. The boots and the jewellery are included.
Then I got a great mesh top, called Trash tank. I paired it with the Fashion Snugger Grunge pants. They come in 2 colours.
This next outfit is called Candy Cutie and you can find it too at Yasum.
Now if you like to get some boots or shoes, Yasum has those too.
These ones are called Dream heels Rust.
And these are called Punk Boots.
And these boots are called Jeans heels.
And these great shoes are called Roman sandals black - gold.
Over to another great outfit. This lovely sparkly outfit is called Summer Dream.
And Yasum also has some skins & shapes. This first skin is called Ramya and a shape is included. You get a lot of different make up versions of this skin, just showing you a few options.
You can also go for a complete avatar, which is called Tracy. I am wearing this avatar (shape & skin) with the Hippie outfit that comes with the complete Tracy avatar.