Friday, November 14, 2014

Let's get DIRTY...

Hi Readers! Happy Friday!
Just before the weekend starts I want to show you some more gifts from the Dirty Turkey Hunt. This hunt runs till November 30th and there are many great gifts to find.
There is a HINT & LINK page available which is very helpful. And you are looking for a round box with a Turkey on it in this hunt. All hunt gifts are free.
Now today I am going to show you dirty....and tough. I found quite a lot of tattoos in this hunt, so you will see them today. And I found some more outfits which give you that tough look. So if that is your style, keep reading!
The first outfit is by#73 Grumble. It is actually a sweet dress, but the necklace and cigarette you can find inside the hunt box at #75 DUH give you just that edge ...just that bit that turns this dress in a dirty look.
The lovely hair with feathers is also a hunt gift and if you want to get this FAT pack of hair, you have to go hunting at #47 Damselfly. Below I am showing you some of the colours you get's just awesome hair!
The beautiful collar with a rose on it is by #53 Macabre. It goes perfectly well with a more tough look!
I am wearing the Damselfly hair and the Macabre collar with the dress #51 Abrasive has hidden inside their hunt box. I thought this dress has a gothic look with the hair and the collar, but you can style it of course in a different way. With elegant long hair and jewellery you will look way different!
Then I landed at #106 OMG. They have this lovely black set hidden inside their hunt box....It is not the dirty nor the tough look I wanted, but it is a great outfit!! (shoes not included, they are by Ashmoot, and they are for SLINK HIGH feet and NOT free).
Over to the tattoos I found.
The first tattoo is the hunt gift at #14 Atui. This great tattoo is yours if you can locate the hunt box at their store. The tattoo comes in dark and faded and SLINK appliers are included.
Then I found another tattoo inside the hunt box at #69 Endless Pain tattoos. You just have to find the hunt box to get it!!!
And the next tattoo is hidden inside the hunt box at #71 QE Tattoos. I am wearing another hunt gift with these tattoos, dotted undies by #25 Babydoll. I think they go great together, but you have to go hunting in 2 stores to get this look.
Another tattoo can be found at #91 Speakeasy Tattoos. The hunt boxes are not that hard to find ladies, so if you want this tattoo...go hunting! This tattoo comes with SLINK appliers, and you get a dark and a faded version.
Yet more tattoos ...#124 Juicy Booty Tattoos has this dripping oil tattoo for you as a hunt gift in the Dirty Turkey hunt. I am wearing the bra that #108 Salt has hidden inside their hunt box with this tattoo.
The next tattoo is by #127 Swagged Out tattoos. This lovely tattoo also comes in a dark and a faded version and SLINK appliers are included. You only have to find that darn hunt box at the store!!
My next find is a nose piercing which is the hunt gift at #26 Hollyweird. If nose piercings are your thing, go hunting at their store. It is a very detailed piercing and worth hunting for!
My last finds for today include a sexy body stocking, a cross necklace and yet again a tattoo. The tattoo is the hunt gift by #132 Twisted Barbie and it lands above your eyes. And the necklace is the hunt gift by #45 Etham. You will get a long and a short version of this cross necklace. And if you are still not tired of hunting: hop over to #102 Doll Boutique to find their hunt box and as a reward you will get this sexy pink body suit!