Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How about these group gifts PART 2.

Hi Readers!
Today part 2 of the group gifts at Yasum. If you missed part 1: I blogged it HERE.
Let me quickly tell you that joining the Yasum group is free, and that they have so many group gifts that I could fill 10 blogs with them. Just wear your group tag and double click the vendors and you will get a lot of gifts!
Now today I have some great gifts for you. They range from a horse riding outfit to evening gowns and from a sexy cowgirl outfit to cut up jeans.
So here goes: this first outfit is called LFD Cute Touch blue. Remember: all is FREE!
And this next outfit is called Elfenground Candy Bond.
This outfit is called Your way Mesh gown green.
There is also a black version of this lovely My Way gown.
And this gown is called Knitted Dress mesh.
Over to something way different. These lovely Harem outfits are called Skater Cutie Mesh (no clue why, I don't think they are really skater outfits at all).
This is the Babyblue one.
And this is the Dragon one.
To wear with thgese outfits the bare feet Yasum has as a group gift are perfect. You get 2 versions of these feet. They are called Sunshine bare feet.
And here is the sexy cowgirl outfit. This outfit is called Hawt country girl.
Last but not least the riding outfit, which comes with the shoes and cap. This outfit is called Grunge outfit complete.