Friday, October 31, 2014

More group gifts!

Happy Friday Readers!
Are you planning something nice for the weekend? Maybe going shopping in SL? And preferably free shopping? Well I found a few great group gifts for you all. Joining most groups is not free, but the gifts are totally worth to join.
That is the case with Baby Monkey. Joining their group is 250 L$ (but they do have free-to-join-weekends frequenty). Baby Monkey has awesome group gifts, they have 8 Lucky chairs for group members, but they do have 3 Midnight Mania boards for NON group members too.
Let me show you what I got there!
First the gifts from the free for all Midnight Mania boards: a sexy dress called Lalla which comes with a HUD that changes the dress into 32 colours! And a lovely set of heart shaped necklaces and earrings called Embossed Hearts in 4 colours. And a pair of awesome boots called Harper, which also come with a colour change HUD which changes the boots into 32 colours. The targets of these boards are low, so get your friends over to click too.
Next are the GROUP GIFTS by Baby Monkey. I am not even showing you all, but below is an impression on what you get at the moment. Great flats called Erica Leopard, to die for boots called Debbie, which come with a colour change HUD to change the boots into 32 colours. An awesome (Halloween) dress called Clover dress, which also comes with a colour change HUD to change the dress into 10 colours. The gifts I am NOT showing are 2 flag skully clutches and Leana Halloween heels which are for SLINK MID feet. Again: joining is 250 L$ but it is totally worth to join!
My last find at Baby Monkey is the item I got from the GROUP Lucky chairs. There are 8 at the store and below is what I won: a cute skirt (with colour change HUD) called Elsie. The elegant jewellery is by Lazuri and it is their Diona group gift (joining is 250 L$ at Lazuri).
Now I love jewellery. And I have been a group member at Chop Zuey for a while. And they do have some outstanding group gifts! Joining their group is 350 L$ ..that is quite a lot. But the group gifts are so great that it is worth to join.
However: Chop Zuey also has FREE gifts at their store. So let me start with those!
This lovely Betty set is FREE! The set is colour change and I had so much fun playing around with it! The hair clips are also free, though not colour change.
And at the moment there are 3 sets of Halloween earrings also for free (NOT shown).
And if you decide to join the group: this set is called Don't call me Betty and is is free for group members. A great Halloween eyeball necklace is also free at the moment (NOT shown).
Chop Zuey also has a Sky Boutique and there are some more gifts there! They are both for group members, and you get the fun Fishy earrings and the elegant Buddha bag in 2 versions with several poses.