Sunday, November 23, 2014

The usual unusual mix....

Hi there Readers!
First of all: don't forget to VOTE for your best blogger and for the best Skin designer (for me that is WoW skins - Sawsan Secretspy) here: Avi Fashion Awards 2014 Voting.
Thank you in advance :)
And now over to my blog. Today is a hunting day again. I am going to show you some more awesome gifts you can find in the Dirty Turkey Hunt. This hunt runs till November 30th and there are #136 stores to search! To make it a little easier for you, I will just show what I found. You are looking for a round box with a Turkey on it in this hunt and all hunt gifts are free. Now if you get stuck somewhere, the HINT & LINK PAGE is very helpful!
So what did I find? This lovely corset top is the hunt gift at #42 Insanya. It is hidden inside the hunt box and when you unpack it and wear it while unpacking, you will see that Insanya wraps their designs in a lovely handbag which I am wearing on the pictures below!
The elegant hip chains are a hunt gift too and you can find them inside the hunt box at #49 Whatever. You get a huge fatpack with hip chains in all colours, just showing you a few options below.
The jeans are by Blackburns and they are free on Marketplace. You get a blue and a black pair.
On my blog today I am wearing Julya darktan, which is a skin by WoW skins. You can find this skin in 4 skin tones at the Suicide Doll Event for just 99 L$ per skin tone!
The lovely hair is Judy by Tameless and this hair comes with an easy to use HUD which changes the hair tone into 30 different ones. 249 L$ for this lovely hair.
To wear with this sexy outfit above the sexy shoes #99 Laitreia has hidden inside their hunt box are perfect! You just have to find that box to get these shoes for SLINK HIGH feet !
Another pair of great shoes are the ones #136 Unique Phase is giving away as a gift in this Dirty Turkey hunt. They are for SLINK mid feet and we all love simple black pumps ladies!
Then I found these very cute high tops inside the hunt box at #117 Styled by Panda. You get a normal pair and a borked pair if you can find the hunt box at their store.
I am wearing these high tops with the ouitfit #115 Urban Cherry has hidden inside their hunt box. A perfect combination to wear to the gym and do a work out after the Thanksgiving dinner!
This next outfit is a gift by #126 Toxxic Pandorra. You get a great top & pants set if you find the hunt box at their store, but that is not all! Included are a pair of great wellies too and an awesome hand bag!
Over to some more tops I found in the Dirty Turkey hunt. A lot of designers decided to give away lovely tops and #40 Bad Apple Designs is one of them. They have hidden this great shirt inside their hunt box, but there is also a HUD inside the box which changes the design of this shirt into 6 different textures!
And #101 Bubble has this awesome shirt as a hunt gift if you can find their hunt box! I just love the skull print on it. You get a white and a black version of this shirt.
The lovely brown and golden earrings I am wearing with this shirt are hidden inside the hunt box at #130 Loordes of London.
To wear with these shirts you could decide to get the wrinkled socks #109 Uthopia has hidden inside their hunt box. They come with a SLINK applier. Now I have to admit I had NO clue how to use that applier. So if you do are a bit like me, let me explain. Inside the SLINK feet (or hands for that matter) folder you will find an UTILITIES hud. With that HUD you can turn on socks or tattoos. And you can turn them off later too, after you took off the socks, tattoos or gloves. Just wear the HUD and turn it on or off and use the applier inside the socks box later.
My next find was a lovely high waist skirt, which I found inside the hunt box at #112 Redrum. I just love this skirt, perfect for fall!
The elegant broken hearts necklace is another hunt gift and you have to find the hunt box at #96 LeForme to wear this necklace. The lovely pink top is by Pinchy and it is a hunt gift in the Pink Fusion hunt. In this hunt you are looking for a round box with a pink swirl on it. This box is 5 L$ though.
Over to my last but certainly not least find for today. This lovely skin is by #114 7 Deadly S[k]ins and if you like this beauty you will have to go find the hunt box at their store!