Friday, November 7, 2014

How dirty can a turkey be?

Good Morning Readers!
I just love to hunt. Most hunts have great prices, and I want to thank all the designers that generously give one of their designs away!
It is also an opportunity to get to know new stores. Even if you do not have the time to look around the store during the hunt, the lovely gifts will take you back to have another look!
At the moment I am doing the Dirty Turkey Hunt. This hunt has #136 shops to visit and the hunt runs till November 30th, so you have plenty of time to go hunting! You are looking for a round box with a Turkey on it and all gifts are free.
There is a HINT & LINK page available, which is very helpful, especially for those stores who are not ready yet. No use to look for the box for a long time if it is not there yet!
Anyway...the Dirty Turkey Hunt took me to #5 1 Hundred. They have this awesome body suit as a hunt gift and all you have to do is find that round Turkey box to get it!
The lovely bangles are by Baubles by Phe and they are called The Scene (not free).
Then I went to #48 Masoom and I found this cute little cocktail dress inside their hunt box. I am wearing the same bangles as above with this dress, you get a silver and a copper pair.
My next find is a very cute fall outfit. It is hidden inside the hunt box at #111 Twinkle and you get a lovely tee shirt with scarf and a pair of great pants if you can find that box!
Over to something completely different. Thes egreat baseball shirts are the hunt gift at #61 Sour Pickles. You get a green one and a blue one and they go great with jeans or with baggy pants! Just find that hunt box if you want to wear them!
This next outfit has a more tough look. You can find it at #17 American Bazaar inside the Turkey box from this hunt. It is a great outfit to go clubbing in ladies. Really sexy.
And if you go to the next shopt #18 Infliction, and you can find the hunt box there, this great black top and leggings are yours! Love the cropped hoodie.
Over to #81 Pink Acid. They are participating in the Dirty Turkey hunt but also in the ESH hunt. For the ESH hunt you have to look for a round box with a palm tree on it. Inside you will find a huge pack of lip glosses.
#81 Pink Acid is also participating in the Dirty Turkey hunt and for this hunt you have to find a round box with a Turkey on it. Inside you will find lovely fall coloured lip glosses in darker and lighter versions.
My last find for today is actually a gift to me by my friend Hannah from DMZ. I just needed a hug today and she send me this lovely gnome doll. It is called Nisse Snuggle and if you like a hug too, try your luck at Hannas Gatcha machines. 50 L$ for each try and the gnomes are transfer, so you can swap with friends or you can give them away. Also great presenst for Christmas, as they come with a Christmas theme!
The lovely hair is a new release by Tameless, called Gin. 249 L$ for this hair including an easy to use HUD which changes this hair into 30 lovely hair tones.
I will blog this hair later again.