Monday, November 24, 2014

Ohhh I love these colours!

Hello Readers!
Welcome to my blog and today you will find several new bargains from the 93rd round of the Designer Circle, which just started. Their current round runs till December 6th, so there is plenty time left to hop over and take a look at all the great offers you can find there!
Also on my blog today my last finds from the Dirty Turkey Hunt. This hunt runs till November 30th and there are #136 stores to search in this hunt. All hunt gifts are free and you are looking for a round box with a Turkey on it.
But let me start with the Designer Circle.
I bet you want to see what I look like after shopping at the Designer Circle? THIS.
I am wearing the Winter in Manhattan dress/long sweater which is in offer at the Designer Circle by B-Dazzled. This sweater comes with a colour change hud and this hud changes the colour into no less than 8 lovely tones. The price? 100 L$ for the dress including the HUD.
The fun high boots with leg warmers are by StormCrow Designs and they are on offer at the Designer Circle too. These boots come with a colour change HUD and this hud changes the colour of the boots into 6 different ones. The HUD changes also the zipper into gold or silver!
You can wear these boots with SLINK High feet, but you can also wear them without SLINK feet. The leg warmers can be worn separate too. 100 L$ for the long boots with leg warmers including the HUD.
The fun poses with shopping bags are on offer at the Designer Circle by Icons of Style. You get 5 poses with shopping bags and there are also 4 shopping bags included without pose. 80 L$ for this great set of poses, inculding the bags.
The elegant skin is also on offer at the Designer Circle and I will blog that one below.
Like I said above: the beautiful Jayma skin by WoW skins is on offer at the Designer Circle too. I am wearing the Jayma Darktan version on my blog today, but there are 4 skin tones to chose from. Each skin tone is just 99 L$ which is a steal for such a detailed lovely skin. I am enchanted by the soft blush on this skin! All appliers are sold at the Designer Circle too.
Remember though that I am wearing FRECKLE LAYERS by Glamorize (5 L$ on Marketplace). The freckles are NOT in the skin itself.
Over to the last hunt gifts in the Dirty Turkey Hunt. There is a HINT & LINK Page available in case you get stuck, but the boxes (with the hints) are quite easy to find!
I found the one at #111 Twinkle and inside was this great outfit, pants and a lovely top with scarf. The elegant shoes are Geneva by Essenz and they come in 6 great colours. NOT free though. They are for SLINK MID feet.
Then I went to #131 Carries Lingerie. They have a lovely female set of lingerie as a hunt gift, but also a teeshirt with boxers, which is actually for guys...but hey it fits me too!
Another great gift in this hunt is inside the hunt box at #119 Quote to the Ravenn. You get this very sexy blue jump suit if you can locate their hunt box at the store!
The elegant shoes are by Essenz and they are called Geneva. They are for SLINK MID feet and they are not free but they are excellent shoes. Very detailed. They come in 6 lovely colours.
Last but not least I was so Lucky to get this great pair of jeans from the Midnight Madness boards at Redrum while I was hunting! The targets are just 25, so get your friends over to click (no group needed).
The sexy top is actuallly a body suit and it is hidden inside the Turkey box at #134 Que Bella.
The elegant broken heart necklace is the hunt gift at #96 LeForme.