Monday, June 30, 2014

Let's go to Fabfree

Hi there Readers!
Today just all free stuff on my blog. I have been visiting Fabfree Headquaters lately to pick up awesome new gifts a lot of great designers have put there. They are just all fabulous and I want to thank the designers for their generous gifts!
So all I am showing you below you can find at Fabfree Headquaters. But I will give the name of the designer with each gift and I will give you a LM to their store too in case you want to see more of their designs.

Let me start with 1-800 Bettie's. They have this lovely Le Chic dress in many colours at Fabfree Headquaters. You can wear it with or without the shrug.
And this mini skirt and bandana top is the gift by JK Style. The outfit comes with a colour change hud, so you will get many options to wear!

This next outfit is by Prism and you get a lovely dotted top and shorts.
The lovely Lawan jewellery is also gift at Fabfree Headquaters, and it is by Luminesse.
Another perfect gift for summer is this Simple Spring Poppies dress by Sky.
There are so many great gifts that it is hard to chose...but I love this pencil Aztec dress by IAF. It is sexy yet elegant and fun to wear!
The lovely jewellery I am wearing with this dress is by Phoebe and you can find that too at Fabfree Headquaters.
And this elegant gown if a gift by Pekas.
For summer you really have to go pick up this fun ViVi swim suit by Resident Fashion.
You can also find some awesome skins at Fabfree Headquaters! This first one is by Style by Kira and it is called Giada.
And this elegant skin is by 7 Deadly s[k]ins and a shape is included too. I am showing you the skin on my own shape too (2nd picture).