Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy Saturday!

Hi there Readers!
Happy Saturday, and I truely hope one of your activities on this Saturday is reading my blog and getting at least one of the goodies I found for you. Today on my blog you will find some more goodies from the Designer Circle, some 50 L$ items, some group gifts and some hunt gifts. So let me quickly start with the lovely new group gift Gizza has for us ladies! As far as I can remember is joining free for the Gizza group.
Today on my blog I am wearing Rowena, a beautiful skin by WoW skins, which you can find at the Designer Circle till June 21st for just 99 L$ per skin tone. There are 3 skin tones available as well as all suppliers you might need.
The lovely bob hair is Rita by Tameless (249 L$ per fat pack of all natrual colours) and the long version I am wearing is Zaida by Tameless, also 249 L$ per fat pack of colours.
Then I went to B!asta to pick up their newest 50 L$ offer, their Grab-a-B!asta. This lovely outfit of shorts and a beautiful silk top is just 50 L$ till Wednesday and you get a HUD with it to change the colour of the top in 6 different colours!
B!asta is also participating in the Sail Away hunt, which runs till June 26th. You are looking for a blue fish in this hunt and if you can locate it at B!asta this lovely Trust the Navigator dress is yours!
Freya's Finest is also participating in this Sail Away hunt and if you find that blue fish at their store you will find this lovely jewellery set with cute sea horses hidden inside the fish!
Over to  the Designer Circle. I am wearing lovely shoes for SLINK mid feet (675 L$ per pair) by Klepsydra on the pictures below. You can find 6 lovely colours of these shoes at the Designer Circle for just 100 L$ each. Below I am wearing these lovely detailed shoes with the Pinjab dresses Loordes of London has on offer at the Designer Circle. There are 6 lovely colours to chose from and I think they look very Indian. Just 70 L$ per dress ladies, so hop over and grab yours!
Then I did some hunting in the Beach Bunny 4 hunt. This hunt starts at Grumble, and there is a HINT & LINK page available here. You will VERY MUCH need this site, because there are no links to the next stores in the hunt gifts, you can only find the stores from the website.
In this hunt you are looking for a blue beach bucket and the hunt runs till June 15th. Now if you can locate the hunt bucket at Grumble, you will find this cute beach bunny top inside!
And then I went to the next store in this hunt: Katitudes & Boneisme. I found the beach bucket there and inside I found this great K-Pod with head phones...
The next store I found was Vero Modero and they have these cute surfer shoirts as a hunt gift hidden inside their blue bucket. They are actually for guys, but they go great with the Grumble top.
My next find are these very cute retro sun glasses in 2 versions. They are the hunt gift at The Vintage Touch and if you find that bucket they are yours to wear.
My last stop in the Beach Bunny 4 hunt was at Bangles and Baubles. Your reward for finding that blue bucket is this lovely summer bracelet ladies, so what is keeping you here? Go hunting!